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Top performance for high-speed traffic

The Velaro family: developed for the global market. Its continuous evolution is based on our experience in design, production, service, and maintenance in day-to-day international service. You can experience the resulting successes firsthand – by traveling with the Velaro, for instance in Spain, France, China. And in the U.K. Belgium, Turkey, or Germany. You’re sure to be impressed by the technology, flexibility, comfort, and cost-effectiveness of the Velaro family.

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Welcome to Velaro!

More than 3 billion kilometers of experience

Get on board a mature, high-performance fleet. In a fleet that has a technological experience lead gained from more than 3 billion kilometers traveled. A fleet that sets new standards daily in terms of high speed: Welcome to Velaro!

Proven state-of-the-art technology

Meet a world record holder: Velaro is one of the fastest high-speed trains in the world, having reached a speed of 403 km/h without modifications. Whether it’s used as a high-class solution with outstanding passenger comfort for businesspeople or as a highly cost-effective transportation system for large numbers of passengers: Velaro scores not only with its speed but also with its flexibility.

Spain’s Velaro E, for example, has been providing passengers with reliable service from Madrid to Barcelona for years. It covers the 625-km route in less than 2.5 hours. The eight-car, 200-m long standard train configuration has a traction output rating of eight MW. With punctuality exceeding 99 % and operating distances of more than 500, 000 kilometers annually, the Velaro demonstrates top performance for high-speed travel. And the best thing: The world’s most versatile train platform is being continuously further developed by leading technologists.

Building on success

The Velaro family was developed for the global market. It demonstrates its versatility and broad deployment range day in and day out. Reliable, configured to meet national and international requirements, and always securely based on a proven platform. Put your trust in our global experience. More than 900 high-speed trains equipped with Siemens technology speak for themselves.

Globally adaptable

From Spain to Turkey and as far as China: The high-performance Velaro family can be operated in four climatic zones. It also demonstrates its adaptability to different track gauges. The Spanish and Chinese versions are based on Europe's 1,435-mm standard gauge. However, Velaro can also be built for a country’s broad gauge.

High-performance across borders

Velaro is designed as a four-system trainset. This means that it can run on conventional line voltage systems. You thus benefit from its cross-border capability. In Spain, France, Germany, the U.K., Switzerland, Belgium, the Netherlands, China, and Turkey – in other words, worldwide. As experts in the international certification of high-speed-trains, we ensure compatibility with the infrastructure and international standards as well as for the smooth integration of state-of-the-art and next-generation train protection and communication systems.

Experience shows that a state-of-the-art train must cater to diverse needs – whether that means different passenger and baggage loads or a variety of comfort levels. Understanding this is what makes the Velaro family not only the most versatile but also the most comfortable high-speed platform of its kind.

When it comes to reliability, Velaro pulls no punches. Behind the exceptionally aesthetic design lies exceptional functionality. Pioneering innovations, first-class materials, and the intelligent integration of reliable electrical and mechanical systems pave the way for this superior integrated concept worldwide.

TrainIT: Use connectivity

The fully integrated, modular TrainIT system forms the backbone for innovative plug-in applications such as iCCTV, Internet on Board, passenger assistance, entertainment, diagnosis, or maintenance. Standard hardware and interfaces, along with the software based on them, meet the requirements of railway engineers, operators, and passengers. The powerful IT infrastructure saves costs, improves riding comfort, and helps to avoid damage.

Integrated service

We at Siemens Mobility offer you comprehensive support, ranging from technical care to customized service and diagnosis all the way to cost-effective financing and leasing models. And, on top of all that, we will contractually agree to assume overall responsibility for the construction and maintenance of entire rail systems – from tracks to stations and trains. Our aim is to ensure highly available trains and smooth running operations at all times. 


Velaro fleet

A technological expertise lead of more than 3 billion kilometers, including Spain, China, France, Turkey, and Germany: This is the Velaro fleet. 

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Top performance for high-speed traffic

You’re sure to be impressed by the technology, flexibility, comfort, and cost-effectiveness of the Velaro family.

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