Vectrain – Flexibility for your European journey

The need for sustainable mobility is putting the public spotlight on rail – and not just since 2021, the European Year of Railways. The need for fast cross-border connections and highest flexibility in the deployment of rolling stock is becoming more imminent. The intelligent response is provided by Siemens Mobility – in the form of Vectrain.

The push-pull concept for fast, sustainable and convenient European connections.

Vectrain is Siemens Mobility’s leading, open push-pull ecosystem that makes rail transport across Europe considerably more attractive for passengers. And this generates enormous potential for you as a rail operator: a modern alternative to short-haul flights, the intelligent combination of Vectron, passenger coaches and cab car offers you highest flexibility – flexibility that you need in order to react quickly and effectively to the many and varying challenges associated with European rail service.

What is a Vectrain?

A Vectrain is a passenger train consisting of a Vectron locomotive and VectrainReady passenger coaches with optional use of a cab car.


VectrainReady passenger coaches are designed to allow seamless operation with Vectron locomotives, especially in cross-border operation. The train’s operational philosophy and cab hardware are identical to the Vectron locomotive. Consequently, a Vectrain can be equipped with a variety of different train protection systems and makes use of Vectron's long list of already obtained country homologations.

Are you VectrainReady?

Components and software of the Vectain are available for all coach builders in an open ecosystem. Passenger coaches built by 3rd parties, that can be operated with Vectron and consequently form a Vectrain, can be labeled "VectrainReady" after Siemens' certification. To obtain the label, coaches have to use Siemens' open Loco-Coach interface (WTB-ÖBB, ÖBB Door Control or TB0 and other established standards). A VectrainReady cab car uses the Vectrain Cab (HW and SW incl. frontend, driver's desk, and ATP systems).

The Vectrain ecosystem

In an open ecosystem Siemens offers Vectrain Cab, certification (award of the VectrainReady label) and services to other coach suppliers in addition to its Vectron Locomotives and Viaggio Coaches.

The ecosystem comprises:

-       Vectron locomotive (required to form a Vectrain)

-       Viaggio coaches (Siemens’ VectrainReady coaches)

-       Vectrain portfolio for coach suppliers

    o    Vectrain cab (HW and SW incl. frontend, driver's desk and ATP systems)

    o    Certification and award of the label VectrainReady

    o    Vectrain services (installation, commissioning, and spare parts)

    o    If desired, further MoComp components (Auxiliary Power Supply, bogies, etc.)


The entire Vectrain Ecosystem is based on Siemens’ open Loco-Coach interface (acc. to UIC, IRS, TSI LOC & PAS, WTB-ÖBB, ÖBB Door Control or TB0). Of course the ecosystem is complemented by our customer service offering.

Vectron – the locomotive for flexible travel in Europe

As an operator, you can count on optimum operating flexibility with our full Vectron portfolio – at travel speeds of up to 230 km/h. Thanks to established, standardized interfaces, our pioneering locomotive offers a comprehensive range of functions required for transporting passengers – including emergency braking, door control and multiple elements of communication with passenger coaches. Almost every country from the Mediterranean to Scandinavia can be linked by means of just two or three Vectron variants. Numerous Vectron variants have already been authorized, are continuously maintained and thus available as products at no risk to you. More than 1500 Vectron locomotives sold ensure that your investment is safe and that your rolling stock remains viable in the future. 

A selection of Vectron variants for passenger operations

Viaggio – the passenger coach for flexible and comfortable rail transport in Europe

Our Viaggio passenger coaches with their highly flexible interior configuration options offer maximum comfort at speeds of up to 230 km/h. Discover the benefits of Viaggio for yourself – for instance its pressure-sealed design throughout for greater acoustic comfort in tunnels, particularly when encountering another high-speed train traveling in the opposite direction. The broad, safe, gangways ensure that passengers can move freely and easily from one coach to the next.  Another advantage that is not just of benefit to those traveling on business: patented window panels allow wireless signals to pass through unimpeded, ensuring that mobile reception remains stable and that mobile devices can be used efficiently without the need for special hardware on board. 


Count on flexibility for your European journey

Are you considering exploiting the potential of our pioneering push-pull concept for rail transport within Europe? Then contact our experts for more information on Vectrain. They will be happy to help.