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Vectron is the locomotive platform for Europe-wide cross-border rail transport. Designed to meet any traction need efficiently and cost-effectively, Vectron offers technical flexibility and economic predictability over the long term. Vectron is also being continually enhanced so that it’s always up-to-date. As a market-oriented and adaptable locomotive, Vectron is the right solution for those who want and have to meet current and future transportation requirements. Climb aboard and discover the locomotive that is forging new paths.

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Vectron AC/DC/MS

Pure traction for European corridors

  • Powerful electric locomotives for Europe’s diverse voltage systems and applications up to 200 km/h
  • Optimal configuration for specific traffic needs, thanks to predefined country and option packages and fast adaptability to new line requirements or geographic areas of operation
  • Off-the-shelf locomotives in preferred variants with a short delivery period

Vectron Dual Mode

The up-to-date answer to changing route requirements

  • Dual-powered locomotive with a powerful diesel engine and equipment for using the overhead wire
  • Increased cost and energy efficiency compared with pure diesel operation
  • Optimized for requirements in freight traffic
The vehicle concept

Vectron locomotives transform borders into connections

In our globalized world, goods and passengers are on the move throughout Europe. New paths are needed both in terms of ideas and geography. Liberalized markets, widely varying national requirements, changing customer needs and growing competitive pressure all require more flexibility than ever. Turn borders into connections.

The locomotive concept for long-term success

Your planning and investments are secure with Vectron


With Vectron, you’ll reliably meet all current and future transportation requirements. This is being proven every day by a large Vectron fleet. Vectron’s success starts with the concept: Vectron is consistently designed for the traffic requirements and challenges of the market. The development is based on a large number of interviews with operators and on the experience of over 1,600 Eurosprinters and Eurorunners in service. Furthermore, experiences from the operation of all locomotives are considered in its continuous development process. This means that Vectron offers high investment security, fungibility, and flexible retrofitting and conversion capability. All this is made possible by dispensing with special customer features and solutions in the basic versions – and by a wide range of predefined options. The intelligent combination of proven technologies and lifelong adaptability guarantees unique reliability and future viability. Vectron also complies with all relevant TSI standards and enables new freedom in cross-border traffic. Vectron is as ready for long-term prospects as it is for changing markets and sudden unforeseen events.


Your benefits

Vectron - as individual as your rail business

Serve today’s main routes and tomorrow’s growth regions – with a locomotive that’s a perfect match to your traffic requirements. Vectron combines highly developed technology with flexible adaptability, modular upgradeability with forward-looking cross-border operation, and groundbreaking investment security with tailored service packages.

Suitable for any task

Vectron focuses on what’s most important: your success. That’s why the vehicle concept makes no compromises when it comes to modularity and can be precisely tailored to specific transportation requirements.


With Vectron, you invest in only what you need to meet your traction tasks efficiently and cost-effectively – in the long term.


Vectron has multiple traction capabilities that makes it compatible with many other locomotive types, it has multiple coupling options, and it guarantees absolute flexibility in European systems – thanks to its modular train protection concept.

Standardized construction

Identical parts like the front end, driver’s cab, braking equipment, and control system ensure standardized operability and controllability as well as optimized lifecycle costs. Wherever you’re traveling, whenever you need to perform new traction tasks – with Vectron, you’ll handle them efficiently and cost-effectively.

Standardized and modular

All the control elements on the driver’s desk are always in the same position – even country-specific switches. The result is shorter training times and excellent working conditions thanks to the ergonomic, easy-to-reach placement of all control elements.


A low driver’s desk is possible where less installation space is required. It can later be converted from a low to high driver’s desk and vice versa. So that conversions don’t result in unsightly add-on solutions.

Crash-optimized design


Vectron is designed so that any components deformed in a collision can be replaced quickly. Vectron has buffers with high-performance deformation elements. The front end is also completely removable and can thus be stored separately and preassembled. This means that if an accident occurs, you can replace it immediately and put the locomotive quickly back into service. This affects your insurance premium.


Integrable crash elements


Crash elements with different energy absorption capabilities can be integrated into the spring mechanism. Together with high-capacity deformation elements that hold the buffers when a UIC screw coupling is configured, they create a Siemens safety concept which meets applicable TSI standards.

Multiple coupling options

A green light for different car types: Thanks to the head end design, different combinations of spring mechanisms and coupler heads can be used. You can take thus full advantage of all possibilities for forming your train – whether they are screw coupling or central buffer coupling solutions for heavy freight traffic, or passenger train solutions.

  • Basic configuration with UIC screw couplings and high-capacity deformation elements with integrated buffers
  • Transpact version of the central buffer coupling for flexible and heavy freight traffic
  • Version of the central buffer coupling – shown here with AAR-type coupling – without high-capacity deformation elements
  • Version of automatic coupling – shown here with Schwab-type coupling – with high-capacity deformation elements and corrugated plates as override protection

Country-specific features included

When it comes to train radio communications, Europe is still far from achieving standardization. Various country-specific features must be taken into account. Similar to train protection, a modular maximum configuration was also approved for train radio. New configurations are then modular subsystems of this maximum configuration. Modularity, in this case, means:

  • Fixed mounting slots for all system components
  • Permanent connector and pin assignments
  • Modular design of the driver’s desk, roof antennas, and software
  • Transnational utilization of identical train radio components
  • If necessary, country-specific adaptation of the basic unit by means of add-on modules

Flexibly adaptable to requirements

With Vectron, you’re always flexible so you can react to future changes in the market. This is ensured by easy adaptability of the basic configurations to new route requirements and geographic areas of operation. Thanks to well-planned, predefined variants and a choice of option packages, you’ll benefit from an ideal, cost-efficient solution for your unique transportation tasks. In addition, Vectron Dual Mode is the optimal, environmentally-friendly answer to the flexibility requirements of freight transport within Germany.

Just start driving

Standard certified, readily available, preferred variants enable a rapid start – without additional time-consuming development and certification processes. Talk to your sales partner about readily available variants. And if the geographic scope of your operation ever changes, Vectron can be converted accordingly. 

Adjustable to every requirement

Each region, each route, each task has its particular requirements. With predefined option packages, you can upgrade your Vectron with additional features that are needed for your operation or that help you simplify operation. This includes retrofit solutions.

High compatibility

When it comes to compatibility, Vectron offers unique flexibility in the market. All Vectron locomotives have multiple traction capabilities – whether between the Vectron AC, DC and MS variants, other modern Siemens locomotives, or selected end-of-life or third-party vehicles. In addition to TMC (ZDS, ZMS), WTB with the Austrian remote control concept is also available as an option.

Traveling throughout Europe

Demands on European routes are changing. Make the change and leave behind technical headaches on continental track networks. Vectron is equipped with national train protection systems and ETCS. The pioneering country package concept ensures low-cost retrofits and upgrades for changing operating conditions on European corridors.

On the move in 19 countries

Vectron successfully operates throughout Europe under four different voltage systems. Vectron Dual Mode is the optimal solutions for non-electrified sections. Vectron is already authorized for operation in 19 countries and can traverse many different national corridors. Take advantage of cross-border rail connections whenever your business requires it with Vectron.

Minimizing authorization effort

With Vectron AC, DC, and MS, an optional pre-equipment package guarantees that cabling systems and installation locations for all train protection systems used in Central Europe are already on board. This means that it’s now easy to add or leave train protection systems at any time. You’ll benefit from reduced effort and costs for authorization and gain valuable time.

Optimally plannable operations require maximum availability, which can be ensured only through maintenance that’s precisely tailored to your needs. After all, putting great things in motion means having reliable vehicles available at all times. But apart from reliable vehicles, it’s also important to deliver a fast response time and service proximity anywhere in Europe. That will allow your vehicles to stay in perfect shape for everyday operation – and, if a worst-case situation should arise, your vehicles are quickly back on track and you can focus on running your operation.

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Tailor-made, modular services

Service requirements vary from case to case. Our answer to this is Railcover. The customized service concept provides service exactly when and where it’s needed. Railcover offers a modular structure so you can select from among a large number of sophisticated modules: Our support, maintenance, and material modules enable us to precisely meet your specific requirements. Assemble your custom service package by selecting the services you actually need with Railcover.

Developed with service requirements in mind

Vectron is a maintenance-optimized vehicle. Its service requirements have already been systematically considered in the design process. One example is the replaceable front end. Even the wheel discs, thanks to a minimum permissible diameter of 1,160 mm, provide extended service life. Because Vectron is a genuine platform, you’ll need fewer spare parts overall – even if your rolling stock is a mixture of different Vectron variants. For example, 95 percent of all the parts for the Vectron AC and Vectron MS are identical. In addition, Vectron is equipped with remote data access (RDA) that allows it to exchange data with track-side equipment. Experiences from daily operation are used to extend maintenance intervals in compliance with standards.

Exact scheduling of maintenance measures

The optimal schedule for preventive maintenance can be determined by systematically basing maintenance on the actual condition of the locomotive while taking all regulatory provisions into account. Thanks to RDA, a large volume of data can be transmitted to track-side equipment, including vehicle position, counter readings, switching operations, and component duty cycles. This information provides an overview of the vehicle’s current condition and can be used to precisely plan maintenance activities on the component level.

Vectron – the locomotive that’s forging new paths

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Pure traction

High tractive performance

Vectron offers extraordinarily high tractive performance – backed by experience gained from 140 years of Siemens locomotives.

Power without borders

In the field of freight transportation, high tractive effort under adverse environmental conditions is often required. Vectron provides this thanks to the optimum utilization of the friction coefficient between wheel and rail. This is another example of how our customers benefit from the continuous and consistent further development of Vectron.

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