Vectron AC/DC/MS

Vectron AC/DC/MS rolling through landscape

The locomotive that’s forging new paths

A powerful electric locomotive for AC, DC, or flexible multisystem operation: Vectron’s consistent structure and interface concept features a one-of-a-kind modularity when it comes to equipment – and offers operators a one-of-a-kind flexibility when it comes to operations.

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The Vectron strategy

As flexible as your business

As the first market-oriented locomotive concept in Europe, Vectron provides operators with the flexibility they need to futureproof their business. The basis for this is a high degree of technical scalability, which makes it possible to bundle together a perfect combination of Vectron equipment packages for every traction task.

The Vectron structure

Increase your competitive edge. At the time of purchase, you can equip Vectron with just the components you need for today – and keep your options open for tomorrow.


Thanks to a standard vehicle body and consistent interfaces, every component in the Vectron electric locomotive has its own defined installation location. If market requirements change after several years of operation, Vectron can easily be adapted. For example, an upgrade for passenger or freight transportation on demanding routes is possible at short notice. This is made even simpler by the fact that there’s no need for a time-consuming and expensive bogie upgrade.


This fungibility or adaptability over the entire lifecycle pays off in several ways. It determines your locomotive’s suitability for secondary use and reuse – which will, in turn, be rewarded by favorable conditions from financing partners.

Standardized interface concept with a large number of identical parts

Vectron’s basic locomotives lays a firm technical foundation. A uniform, standardized interface concept permits the use of identical parts on all levels – especially when it makes the most sense for customers from a technical and economic point of view. The basic electric locomotives differ mainly in terms of their traction equipment and, therefore, their range of use.


All main components have fixed installation locations throughout the entire Vectron family. For example, AC and DC components are kept strictly separate. This means that all available country and traction packages can be easily retrofitted or converted. Control cables are conveniently accessible in cable ducts under the floor plates in the central aisle – and additional cables are generally not required. 

Simple corridor changes, thanks to trouble-free conversions

With predefined country packages, Vectron is configured for specific transportation requirements. The country packages include the requisite high-voltage equipment, national train protection systems, and any other components needed. If the locomotive’s area of operation changes, these packages can also be retrofitted without a lot of effort or expense.

Optimally adapted to specific transportation needs

Do you need additional features? With our predefined option packages, you can equip your Vectron locomotive to meet your specific operative needs. Any equipment that’s required for operation in specific countries is, of course, already included automatically. 


One locomotive – many possibilities

Vectron is a future-oriented product based on a design that’s fully optimized for operation. The concept incorporates what’s tried and tested – and adds groundbreaking strategies and innovations.

A locomotive that adapts to your business

In addition to freight transport, passenger transport also offers operators opportunities in this age of deregulation. Putting your locomotives into service for passenger traffic can increase their utilization capacity. Procuring locomotives and coaches separately allows you to distribute your investment volume – thus letting you remain flexible when planning, purchasing, and adapting to passenger traffic.


With Vectron, you have the perfect locomotive. It can be deployed universally, meaning it can haul both regional and long-distance trains. And a reconfiguration from freight to passenger locomotive is easily accomplished.

A locomotive that offers extreme system flexibility

As the first locomotive to offer borderless flexibility, Vectron allows for future conversions to other train protection systems from the very start. This is made possible by a modular configuration that can be developed into a maximum system and combines national as well as ETCS solutions. 

A locomotive that consistently follows the platform concept

All electric Vectron variants use the same bogie platform that features a modular structure based on a standard bogie frame. Mounting slots for all the necessary antennas and sensors are provided in the underfloor area.


Benefits at a glance

  • Excellent running behavior
  • Partially suspended drive system as standard reduces track wear
  • Flexible mounting of all necessary antennas
  • Deployment in freight and passenger traffic



Pure traction in three variants

The right vehicle for every application: Vectron electric locomotives operate using the four basic voltages in continental Europe: 25 kV AC, 15 kV AC, 3 kV DC, and 1.5 kV DC.

Vectron AC, DC and MS at a glance

Vectron AC, DC and MS facts and figures

*Ballasting to 90 t
Vectron MS
Vectron AC
Vectron DC
Voltage system
AC 25 kV, 50 Hz
AC 15 kV, 16.67 Hz
DC 3 kV
DC 1.5 kV
AC 25 kV, 50 Hz
AC 15 kV, 16.67 Hz
DC 3 kV
Wheelset arrangement
Track gauge (mm)
1,435 / 1,520 / 1,668
1,435 / 1,520 / 1,668
1,435 / 1,520 / 1,668
Total weight (t)
88 – 90
85 – 87*
Length over buffers (mm)
Wheel diameter new / worn (mm)
1,250 / 1,160
1,250 / 1,160
1,250 / 1,160
Starting tractive effort (kN)
300 / 320
300 / 320
300 / 320
Max. power at wheel (kW)
6,400 (AC)
6,000 (DC 3 kV)
3,500 (DC 1.5 kV)
5,200 / 6,000
Max. speed (km/h)
160 / 200
160 / 200
Drive type
Pinion hollow-shaft drive
Pinion hollow-shaft drive
Pinion hollow-shaft drive
Braking power of rheostatic brake at the wheel rim (kW)
2,600 (DC 3 kV)
2,600 (DC 1,5 kV)
Max. electric braking effort (kN)
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More information

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Forge new paths

Take advantage of current and future business opportunities with just the right locomotive – one that’s consistently aligned with your transportation needs. Vectron combines efficiency with adaptability over its entire lifecycle. Thanks to its well-conceived design, which extends all the way to customized financing solutions, even national variants tailored to your needs and smaller quantities are economical.

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