Teaching trams to drive

During InnoTrans 2018, Siemens Mobility put the world's first autonomous tram on the rails.
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Real-life prototype testing

Riding the autonomous tram

From cars to buses, automated driving is on the rise. Siemens is leveraging these technologies and pioneering the way towards smart and autonomous trams. Together with ViP Verkehrsbetrieb Potsdam GmbH, Siemens Mobility, presented a research project on the world's first autonomous tram on rails at InnoTrans 2018 – testing the research prototype in real-life road traffic in Potsdam (Germany).

Life isn‘t programmable. The future of trams is.

Pedestrians, crossing vehicles, right of way: Trams have to react quickly and correctly to many challenges. Smart technologies can help anticipate such situations and handle them safely – as successfully demonstrated during real-life prototype testing in Potsdam. 


Here, Siemens was using a system completely developed for autonomous driving trials. Local tram operator Verkehrsbetrieb Potsdam (ViP) teamed up with Siemens to enable the prototype testing. 


The experimental tram used to demonstrate autonomous driving at the world premiere is not designed for commercial use. The project aims at identifying the technological challenges of autonomous driving under real-life conditions, then developing and testing solutions for them. A continuation of the cooperation is already being discussed with ViP. 

The autonomous tram must face the challenges of an open infrastructure. Highly complex algorithms constantly assess the ride and provide a prognosis on future traffic condition developments.
Christian Klier, Design Engineer, ADAS Siemens Mobility
Use Cases

Mastering real-life challenges

Here it goes: The research prototype of a smart and autonomous tram has been successfully tested in real road traffic on a six-kilometer section of Potsdam's tramway network. Learn more about four typical scenarios – and how the system mastered them.


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The world's first autonomous tram
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