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Your city is unique – and so are your requirements for public transportation. The Avenio family with its two lines, Avenio and Avenio M, offers you custom solutions that are designed just for your city. All this is based on a common, modular toolkit of proven systems and components representing more than 135 years of unique experience: Siemens built the world’s first electric tram in 1881 and also has 25 years of experience in 100% low-floor technology.   Whether you need innovative single-articulated or flexible multi-articulated trams, the members of the Avenio family will fit harmoniously into your cityscape and adapt to your existing infrastructure and your requirements for capacity, interior layout, and exterior design.

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Avenio family

100% low-floor technology and flexibility on all tracks

Our modular Avenio family in 100 percent low-floor technology covers all major applications in existing tramway networks or new projects. The product family is represented by our single-articulated tram Avenio and our multi-articulated tram Avenio M. Both offer various track widths and vehicle lengths to flexibly match individual customer requirements.

Your advantages with the Avenio family

One special feature of our Avenio family is the bogie with triple suspension and two outboard traction units that mechanically couple the wheels lengthwise for the proven longitudinal wheelset technology. The bogie additionally features a low center of gravity and minimized unsprung mass. All of this combined offers you numerous benefits:

Avenio / Avenio M

Single- or multi-articulated tram

Whatever fits best.

Avenio – innovative single-articulated tram with 100% low floor

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Avenio M – highly flexible multi-articulated tram with 100% low floor

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Interesting information about the Avenio family

Would you like to know more about the benefits, features, and technology of our single- and multi-articulated trains from the Avenio family? Then simply download the information materials here.


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