Light rail vehicles for North America

Mobility for cities on the move

The market leader in U.S. and Canada, where 17 cities have ordered more than 1800 Siemens light rail vehicles and streetcars. In order to meet the localization requirements in the U.S., Siemens has manufactured modern high- and low-floor light rail vehicles since 1984 at its plant in Sacramento, California. In 1995 Siemens delivered the first low-floor vehicle for Portland which is specially developed for North America. This unique, experienced know-how guarantees the highest reliability for operators as well as for passengers. 

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Light rail at a glance

Attractive mobility from the suburbs to the city

One out of every three light rail vehicles in North America is a Siemens vehicle. Thanks to our many years’ experience and the knowledge we have acquired in recent years, we are a strong partner that you can rely on in every situation. For urban and commuter traffic, our product portfolio includes light rail vehicles and streetcars.

We get your urban and regional trains on the right track

Light Rail vehicles from Siemens are used for quick access from suburbs typical in North America to the city center, such as in Charlotte, San Diego, Portland, Salt Lake City, and Calgary. They mainly run on tracks separated from the roads.

In contrast, our streetcars use on-street tracks. They share the street with private vehicles. Designed for a top speed of 35 mph (56 km/h), the streetcar offers an attractive alternative to traveling by car or bus in the city center because it greater reduces downtown traffic and serves short local routes with frequent stops.


Our portfolio for urban vitality in North America

Streetcar S70 ultrashort – streetcar for the urban areas

Streetcars are reviving American cities, connecting bars, restaurants and pedestrian areas along the streetcar line. This promotes cultural vitality and fulfills the new desire for urban proximity and walkable neighborhoods. For the first time since its closing in 1949, Atlanta has revitalized their streetcar system with a 2.62 mile (4.3 km) downtown loop and S70 streetcars from Siemens.

The S70 streetcar is based on our proven S70 light rail vehicle platform. Thanks to their design these vehicles can also be used as streetcars if desired by the operator. It offers passengers easy, barrier-free access and can be converted to a light rail vehicle for future expansion.

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S70 low-floor light rail vehicle – light rail solution for North America with 70% low floor

We developed the S70 platform to meet the fast increasing demand for modern low-floor light rail vehicles in North America for mass transit and regional services that link suburbs with the city. The 70% low-floor vehicle design and the maximum speed of 65 mph (105 km/h) make the S70 the comfortable and fast alternative to the car. More than 300 S70 light rail vehicles from Siemens have been operating in eight U.S. cities since 2004.

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S200 platform – high-floor light rail solution for North America

In addition to the S70 vehicles Siemens also provides the Canadian and U.S. market with high-floor light rail. The new S200 platform is the further development of the predecessor types SD100 and SD160 – using the already proven construction and components of the S70 platform. In October 2013, the Canadian city Calgary ordered 60 vehicles of the new S200 platform, which continues with the more than 30 year success story of Siemens high floor vehicles in Calgary.

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