Automated People Mover – VAL

Automated People Mover: VAL systems

Smart people-moving for cities and airports 

To meet the growing demand for more transportation, modern cities are increasingly in need of high-performing and energy-efficient feeder lines and medium-capacity metro infrastructures that can quickly adapt to changing transportation conditions. Airports also require more efficient, accessible and reliable connections between terminals and intelligent intermodal transportation systems. With Cityval and Airval, cities and airports can benefit from a new generation of Automated People Mover (APM) trains, which offer a high degree of efficiency and availability for the lowest total cost of ownership. These VAL systems from Siemens Mobility are designed with the latest automation and monitoring technology for optimized everyday operation. They also can be streamlined to align with civil works and are able to quickly adapt to sudden changes in operating conditions or unexpected events.

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All about the VAL system

Automated People Mover with great passenger experience

Cityval and Airval, the latest generation of the proven and dependable VAL platform, have been designed to offer the greatest value for investments in cities and airports. With a streamlined civil work infrastructure that includes tracks, platforms, and tunnels and a modern vehicle design, the VAL system is designed to optimize the total cost of ownership over the entire life cycle of the transportation system.

A highly scalable, energy-efficient transportation system with optimized total cost of ownership

Modified for urban environments with Cityval and airport environments with Airval for airports, the new-generation VAL automated people mover is highly scalable to respond to the unique and ever-changing needs of these complex settings. Urban and airport transportation operators benefit from an optimized total cost of ownership: for example, the track is equipped with a single-rail central guidance system, and the electrical braking down to 0 km/h reduces energy consumption by up to 15%. Both Cityval and Airval are also capable of navigating steep gradients up to 8% and tight curves down to 30 m. Their interior design maximizes space so that more passengers can be transported in smaller vehicles. Smaller platforms and storage facilities are now sufficient.

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Our promises for the new Automated People Mover generation

People mover train configurations from two to nine cars

Technical data

Cityval and Airval

Discover the new VAL generation for cities and airports

The next-generation VAL in a nutshell:

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Long-term experience

Smart people-moving since 1983

Great solutions often have a great background. This also applies to Cityval and Airval. The new generation of Automated People Mover systems can look back on a long and successful history of almost four decades of installed, reliable, and proven VAL systems.

Automated People Mover backed by over 30 years of experience

Over the decades, there have been many Automated People Mover systems from Siemens Mobility successfully set in motion around the world. Discover some of the important milestones, starting in 1983 in the French city of Lille with the original VAL (Véhicule automatique léger) platform for Line 1.


Cityval and Airval successful on the tracks

Running in many cities worldwide, the VAL has safely transported over five billion passengers worldwide without incident since 1983. We’re proud to maintain an availability up to 100% across all operational lines. Discover our newest Automated People Mover projects based on the Cityval and Airval platform around the world.


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