Digital services for railways

Digital services for railways from Siemens Mobility Rail Services

Offerings for smarter management of rail assets 

Whether it’s superior reliability, guaranteed availability, maximized throughput, or better lifecycle cost efficiency, digital services from Siemens Mobility Rail Services provide you with the key to achieving your business objectives. From connectivity and measurement technology to intelligent algorithms and precise analytics, we offer a comprehensive portfolio for optimized maintenance operations – supported by our experts’ decades of practical experience in rail service. Digital rail services consist of a powerful combination of our Railigent X Application Suite and our professional services. More than 300,000 devices and systems that meet the latest IT security standards are already connected to Railigent X. We build on this strong foundation by continuously expanding our digital service offerings so you can generate even more value from your rail system’s data.

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White Paper: Lessons Learned on Rail Cybersecurity

In this white paper, we share our experience about rail cybersecurity in form of best practices, we review the business drivers and give you an overview of the security controls that should be implemented. 

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Digital rail services

Leveraging the strength of rail service with digital services

You can use our digital services to exploit the full potential of the digital transformation. And thanks to smart data, you can manage and even anticipate disruptions. Benefit from new approaches designed to boost reliability, availability, and efficiency through predictive maintenance, optimized asset management, and efficient operation.

Anticipating failures – boosting performance

Our digital rail services portfolio starts with two product lines that collect high-quality asset data: connectivity and data transmission contain offerings for collecting diagnostic data in a safe and secure manner from your rail assets’ control units. Measurement and monitoring comprise offerings for non-intrusively collecting asset condition data by scanning the rail assets using sensors and cameras as they pass by. At the heart of the digital services portfolio are four product lines that generate value from the collected asset data:

  • Maintenance intelligence consists of digital offerings to support the maintainer in achieving maximum asset availability and affordable lifecycle costs.
  • Operations intelligence contains digital offerings to support the operator in achieving maximum reliability and minimizing delays.
  • Lifecycle intelligence supports the asset manager in planning renewal measures.
  • Digital asset management for rail systems combines the offerings above to optimize the entire lifecycle cost of rail systems.

Finally, our customer portfolio contains two product lines consisting of professional services to support the operator and the maintainer with the increasing deployment of onboard IT systems. Cybersecurity services helps the operator manage the risk of cyber-attacks, and IT care services supports the maintainer with software maintenance services for onboard IT systems.

Railigent X: “Manage your assets smarter”

Railigent X – the Mobility Application Suite for digital services – helps you get the most value from your rail assets’ data. Railigent X covers the entire path from asset data acquisition, data processing and storage, auxiliary data access, generating insights, and sharing the results, all in an open application suite. For greater reliability and availability, a longer asset life, and increased maintenance and operational efficiency of all components.

Digital twin for rail

The digital twin enables new use cases and Railigent X offerings

Combining the physical and digital worlds for improved system availability, efficiency, and reduced costs: The digital twin of a train or rail infrastructure combines its IoT asset data with real-world insights. This allows us to precisely identify the condition of assets, detect anomalies, and simulate behaviors and workflows. Siemens Mobility Rail Services applies digital twin technology across the entire service portfolio to support maintainers, operators, and asset owners.

With the digital twin, we bring together vehicle and landside information from distributed systems into one consistent representation. Data analytics, prediction models, and anomaly detection provide insights into system behavior and asset health status. From a maintenance perspective, the time to maintenance (TTM) and remaining useful life (RUL) can be predicted, as can future events. But the digital twin doesn’t just help us identify and locate the need for action: It also allows us to simulate maintenance tasks. That improves maintenance production planning and execution and ensures that the right parts and tools are at hand on time. Additional to that, with a near real-time data provisioning to landside we enable operators in proactive and reactive in-service trouble shooting which contributes to the overall target of 100% system availability. Asset owners can analyze the asset performance and derive activities to improve overall costs and performance. We also use Building Information Modeling (BIM) to simulate, evaluate, and improve depot layouts to design the most efficient maintenance workflows.


Success stories for digital services for railways in action

The digital transformation has gained momentum in rail service – as you’ll see in these examples of our digital services for railways in operation.


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