Connectivity & data transmission for rail systems

Secure connectivity and data transmission with the Railigent Connect: The connectivity toolbox for rolling stock

Improved availability, optimized operations, and reduced costs: Data-driven services create new possibilities for rail operations. With Railigent® Connect, we offer rail operators a modular software and hardware retrofit solution for secure connectivity and data transmission in safety-critical infrastructures and rail vehicles – enabling digital services via our Railigent X application suite.

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Enabling improvements by making system and diagnostic data accessible

Rail vehicle connectivity

Railigent Connect RS: The toolbox for rolling stock

The Railigent Connect RS solution for rolling stock from Siemens Mobility – delivered via the Railigent X application suite – is the enabler of digital services in the vehicle domain. The dedicated connectivity toolbox for retrofitting all types of rail vehicles ensures the continuous and secure transmission of operational and diagnostic data from vehicles to landside operations in real time.

Secure connectivity and data transmission for your rail vehicles

Today rail vehicles can send between one and four billion data points per year to improve their maintenance, reduce their time in the depot, increase their system availability up to 100%, and enhance operations and the passenger experience. With the Railigent Connect RS – the connectivity toolbox for rolling stock – all vital data from the train control and management system and subsystems are captured and transmitted through connectivity devices. The data collected are pre-processed in the edge gateway and transmitted through secure wide-area connectivity to the cloud. In the process, operators retain full data sovereignty. Data arriving in the cloud will be transmitted via cloud connectivity so that it can be stored, processed, consolidated, and analyzed with digital applications and enable digital services.

Your benefits from the Railigent Connect RS connectivity toolbox for your rolling stock:

  • Safe and secure data collection and transmission thanks to a high-performance and high-level solution architecture 
  • Standardized processes in vehicle and service engineering for retrofit projects
  • Variety of end-to-end connectivity solutions on the train side and on the way side
  • OEM expertise for high-quality connectivity solutions
Infrastructure connectivity

Railigent Connect RI: The toolbox for rail infrastructure

Enable digital services using the Railigent X application suite for your rail infrastructure systems. With the Railigent Connect toolbox, operational and diagnostic data from signaling, control systems, interlockings, and other infrastructure systems for rail automation and rail electrification is transmitted securely and in real time, with no system feedback.

Secure connectivity and data transmission for your rail infrastructure

Measurement results from infrastructure provide up to 1 TB per run or measurement cycle. And in a signaling system, billions of messages can be sent per year. The Railigent Connect RI toolbox brings connectivity to your rail infrastructure to make all this data available for improving system availability, maintenance efficiency, and operational costs. A dedicated toolbox for rail automation and electrification connectivity retrofit projects ensures the fast, continuous, secure, and reliable transmission of operational and diagnostic data. Depending on the type and age of your assets and your budget and application use case, a variety of solution blueprints are available containing standardized hardware and software components.

Your benefits from Railigent Connect RI for your infrastructure:

  • Upgradability: Standardized solutions for transmitting system and diagnostic data on existing installations
  • Expandability: Continuous recording of system data from switches to powerful interlocking systems
  • Automation: Continuous transmission of operational and diagnostic data
  • Safety: Precise integration into the infrastructure environment with a safety case by Siemens
  • Security: VPN-encrypted transmission to a secure gateway that meets Siemens’ strict requirements

Railigent X: “Manage your assets smarter”

Railigent X – the Mobility Application Suite for digital services – helps you get the most value from your rail assets’ data. Railigent X covers the entire path from asset data acquisition, data processing and storage, auxiliary data access, generating insights, and sharing the results, all in an open application suite. For greater reliability and availability, a longer asset life, and increased maintenance and operational efficiency of all components.


Railigent Connect toolbox with great references

Many rail operators have already decided to retrofit their rolling stock and rail infrastructure with the Railigent Connect toolbox. Discover how they’re benefitting from reduced downtime and fewer unnecessary depot visits thanks to digital services enabled by secure connectivity and data transmission.


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