Digital asset management for rail systems

Digital asset management for rail systems

Maximize the value from your rail assets over their entire lifecycle

Balancing performance, costs, and risks of rail systems isn’t an easy task for asset owners, asset stewards, maintainers, and operators of rolling stock and rail infrastructure. That’s why we’re offering intelligent support for improved decision-making: With our data-driven digital asset management services, you can optimize your rail systems’ lifecycle costs and renewal strategies and maximize their availability and operational efficiency.

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Watch the recording – and find out how digital service offerings can optimize your systems‘ whole-life cost by improving reliability, availability, maintenance efficiency, and inventory or renewal forecasting. Siemens Mobility will give you insights into a variety of advanced solutions and innovative offerings to support strategic, long-term decisions. Get the recording now.


Digital asset management for your rail systems

Optimize your operation, maintenance and renewal planning activities. Achieve and sustain the highest system reliability. And minimize service disruptions while optimizing whole-life cost even in light of harsh constraints. Get intelligent digital asset management from a partner you can count on.

Discover how digital asset management for rail systems works:

Balance performance, costs, and risks optimally – thanks to strategic decision support

Grounded in our long-term experience in design, operation, and maintenance and our comprehensive rail domain expertise, we offer you a digital asset management solution that helps you optimally balance the performance, costs, and risks of your rail systems: with AI-based decision support and advanced data analytics for maintenance intelligence, operations intelligence, and asset lifecycle intelligence.


This makes all your subsystems and relevant asset data transparent, from rolling stock assets and the signaling technology to the traction power supply, tracks, control and communication systems – completely automated and customized. And it empowers us to improve your systems’ reliability, availability, maintenance efficiency, and inventory or renewal forecasting while optimizing your lifecycle costs.

AI as a game-changer for your rail asset management

To maximize the value of your rail assets, the growing volume of operational and diagnostic data obtained directly from the assets – along with other data like consumption and financial data – need to be combined and analyzed in the most intelligent way possible. Using models that include AI, our digital asset management enables us to gain insights and derive predictions in a new dimension. The AI-based decision support continuously improves the asset management plan (AMP) over the entire asset lifecycle, from operation and maintenance to renewal and disposal.


Some of the benefits of the data-driven rail asset management


Digital asset management for rail systems in practice

It’s already a reality for some asset owners and rail operators: Discover some of our satisfied customers and successful digital asset management projects for rail systems around the globe.


Get expert insights into digital asset management for rail systems

Would you like to learn more about the importance of asset management for large physical assets, how to apply it to rail asset and systems, and what data-driven solutions and services have to offer for rail? Download our white paper on digital asset management for rail systems now.

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