An innovative approach: Digital asset management for rail systems

The importance of asset management

This white paper addresses the topic of asset management for large physical assets in the rail domain. Rail assets require large investments and are operated and maintained over decades. As a consequence, rail assets are ideally positioned to benefit from the methodology and best practices of asset management. The challenges to holistically optimizing operations, maintenance, and renewal planning can be resolved using a unique combination of rail domain expertise and a data-driven, AI-based approach. Digital asset management for rail systems helps reduce the risk of failure of critical assets, increases availability, and minimizes maintenance costs.
White Paper

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Maximize the value from your rail assets over their whole lifecycle

Balancing performance, costs, and risks of rail systems is not an easy task for asset owners, asset stewards, maintainers, and operators of rolling stock and rail infrastructure. That’s why we offer you intelligent support for improved decision-making: With our data-driven digital asset management services, you can optimize the lifecycle costs and renewal strategies of your rail systems and maximize their availability and operational efficiency.