Maintenance intelligence for rail vehicles

Maintenance intelligence from Siemens Mobility Rail Services

When trains just know when to come home: Maintenance intelligence

Imagine that maintenance was based on data instead of mileage. We make it possible through constant monitoring of train and wayside data from operations. We start by anticipating faults before they happen and reducing corrective maintenance. As we collect more and more data, we can optimize these predictions even more and enable a condition-based approach to preventive maintenance in railways. In the depot, we then apply lean principles for the shortest possible throughput time and sustainable resource use with our predictive maintenance solutions.

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Maintenance intelligence for rolling stock

Improving maintenance planning with digitalization

Ensure the highest fleet availability while keeping lifecycle costs under control: With maintenance intelligence for rolling stock, we help maintainers of rail vehicles to make better and faster decisions for maintenance planning and execution. For example, with digital workflows and paperless collaboration between operator and maintainer. With remote condition monitoring for full transparency from the fleet down to the component level. And with analytical models that predict premature failures of mobility-critical components early on.
Railigent X for maintenance

Maintenance intelligence and decision-making redefined – with the Railigent X Application Suite

The Railigent X Application Suite offers strong analytics – and thanks to its partner ecosystem that enables the integration of third-party applications, a comprehensive range of applications.

The app for 100% fleet availability through intelligent maintenance

The opportunities created by the Railigent X Application Suite for rail maintainers are numerous. With the right applications, it’s possible to acquire a complete overview of all events in the vehicle fleet and on the track. Fleet Monitoring 5 is the central app for maintainers who want to remotely monitor the condition of their rolling stock assets and efficiently take action. By providing easy access to data and efficient workflow support, Fleet Monitoring 5 helps increase reliability and availability and reduce service delays and maintenance costs.

Digital twin for rolling stock

Best-in-class maintenance with a digital twin of rail vehicles

Combining the physical and digital worlds for improved system availability, maintenance efficiency, and reduced maintenance costs: The digital twin of a train or other rail vehicle combines its IoT asset data with real-world insights. This allows us to precisely identify the condition of assets, detect anomalies, and simulate behaviors and workflows. Siemens Mobility Rail Services applies digital twin technology across the entire service portfolio.

Maintenance intelligence with a digital twin for rolling stock

With the digital twin, we bring together vehicle and landside information from distributed systems into one consistent display for intelligent maintenance. Data analytics, prediction models, and anomaly detection provide insights into system behavior and asset health status. The time to maintenance (TTM) and remaining useful life (RUL) can be predicted, as can future events. But the digital twin doesn’t just help us identify and locate the need for action: It also allows us to simulate maintenance tasks. That improves maintenance production planning and execution and ensures that the right parts and tools are at hand on time. We also use Building Information Modeling (BIM) to simulate, evaluate, and improve depot layouts to design the most efficient maintenance workflows.


Maintenance intelligence with great references

As the following rolling stock example shows, digitalization is increasingly transforming transportation using digital twins, real-time monitoring, and predictive maintenancef or rail.
The ability to predict and eliminate errors before they occur.
Georg Seifert, Head of Regional Rail Transport Department, Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr, Germany


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For more information about how our maintenance intelligence can reduce your rail vehicles’ unscheduled depot stops up to 30% and maintenance costs up to 20% while increasing your fleet availability up to 100% – please send an e-mail to our experts. They’ll be happy to assist you.

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