Operations intelligence

Operations intelligence from Siemens Mobility Rail Services

100% system availability: When trains get smarter as they roll

By aggregating all relevant rail system data, we enable near real-time operations monitoring for proactive and reactive in-service support and remote functionalities like CCTV file transfers from train to landside.

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Would you like to learn more about how trains are becoming smarter as they roll – and what our operations intelligence offering has to do with it? We’ll show you how the operation of your trains can be made even safer and more efficient and reliable using aggregated data: for example, with near real-time operations monitoring and remote functionalities like transmitting CCTV data from train to landside.

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Operations intelligence for optimized rail operations

Boosting efficiency, reliability, and safety

Less unplanned downtime and unnecessary depot stops, reduced operational costs, and up to 100 percent availability – while also increasing sustainability and reducing energy costs: Aggregating all relevant data on a rail system’s status in an open ecosystem makes it all possible! By processing these data intelligently and providing the rail operator with information and recommendations for action, the Railigent application suite helps optimize rail operations day after day and around the clock – from an overall fleet perspective to each system component on the train. It’s our goal and vision to enable 100% Railigent® with everything we supply. This means ensuring that all our rolling stock and rail automation systems that leave our factories will come with all the required IT architecture and software – so we can immediately start delivering the data required to provide our standardized digital services at the push of a button.
The benefits of digital applications

Support for operational decision-making and seamless derivation of maintenance activities

Anticipating potentially service-critical events opens up a whole new dimension of operational reliability, where problems can be averted before they occur. This is exactly what the Railigent application suite offers rail operators.

Near real-time data provide control room technicians with a complete overview of the entire fleet in operation, the current position of the individual trains, and the health status of all important components in the trains and on the track. This allows them to immediately detect and assess unusual conditions and avert potentially service-critical events in numerous cases. System availability and scheduled operation can be maintained at 100%. Timely and precise maintenance measures can be planned in advance, which also reduces downtimes and eliminates unnecessary depot stops.

In addition to its strong analytics, the application provides a partner ecosystem that enables the integration of third-party applications to further extend the range of applications.

How it works

From sensor and control device data to actionable insights

The Connectivity Toolbox transmits infrastructure and vehicle system data collected from numerous data points to the land side – securely and in real time. There the data are processed, analyzed, and used by applications to provide operators with precise insights and appropriate recommendations.

Automated asset measurement and monitoring based on a wide range of sensor solutions for continuous data capture.

Data are securely transmitted from the sensors to a central data storage through the Connectivity Toolbox.

The unstructured technical data are transformed into meaningful information.

Value is generated from the data that enable digital service solutions for maintenance, operations, and lifecycle management through the application suite.

Actionable information is provided on different devices in the application suite.


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The application suite contributes to future-viable mobility. It helps reduce unplanned downtime as well as maintenance and energy costs while boosting availability up to 100 percent. Talk with our experts about how it can move your business forward. They’re looking forward to hearing from you. Just complete the form below to get in touch.