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The open application suite leverages IoT and AI for rail asset management and revolutionizes it with an intelligent use of data that results in higher availability, lower costs, and optimized maintenance.
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The open application suite that leverages IoT and AI for rail assets

Railigent X makes intelligent use of rail asset data to create added value. It empowers rail operators, maintainers, and asset owners to understand their railway data, generate valuable information, and acquire deeper insights about the performance of their assets. The analysis of the rail asset data provided by these apps leads to improved operation, optimized maintenance, higher cost-efficiency, and ultimately 100% availability of rolling stock and wayside assets. With Railigent X we are taking the next step: We are further opening the application suite to develop a strong ecosystem for customers, partners, and developers with the goal of integrating all assets.

Siemens Xcelerator
Siemens Xcelerator

Accelerating the digital transformation

Siemens Xcelerator is a new, open digital business platform that will accelerate your digital transformation. Achieve greater efficiency, resilience, and sustainability using a modular portfolio of IoT-enabled hardware and software, a powerful ecosystem of partners, and an online marketplace. By opening subsystems and enabling a standardized data exchange, Siemens Xcelerator helps you increase the attractiveness of public transportation thanks to innovative solutions.

Product information

Smarter rail asset management with Railigent X

The open IoT- and AI-based application suite for rail assets covers the entire digital value chain for 100% system availability and offers rail operators great benefits from the operation, maintenance, and management of their rail assets.

How Railigent X works, step by step

1. Capturing rail asset data

The journey toward deeper insight starts with the ability to capture asset data from rolling stock and signaling systems. This can be done in two ways: First, by obtaining operational and diagnostic data from the various control units in a safe and secure manner without compromising the existing homologation, and second, by installing connectivity solutions like sensors and measuring solutions, also using cameras and scanners in innovative vehicle equipment measurement systems.

2. Transmission of rail asset data

The next step in the journey is to transmit this valuable data to the cloud. This step may sound straightforward in today’s connected world, but rail systems have traditionally been designed as closed systems. Modern cellular communication technology and state-of-the-art security technology now allows data to be transmitted from rail assets in a safe, secure, and efficient manner.

3. Cloud-based processing of rail asset data

Railigent X is a cloud-based rail asset management solution that stores and processes asset data much more efficiently than on the edge, and for much longer periods. A cloud-based infrastructure is also always up to date, so there’s no need to deal with cumbersome IT system upgrades. However, raw asset data can be both voluminous and also somewhat faulty and incomplete. So a key step here is to correctly ingest, clean, and store the raw data.

4. Insight generation on an industrial scale

Now the next step: to examine and evaluate the stored asset data in order to generate insights. This can be done in various ways, from using basic aggregation algorithms to applying advanced business intelligence reporting engines. What really differentiates Railigent X from other rail asset management solutions on the market are our advanced industrial capabilities of AI in railways called Algorive® for creating, testing, and rolling out AI/ML (artificial intelligence/machine learning) applications. These applications can detect anomalies, predict failures, and even model future asset performance, costs, and risk to find the most appropriate improvement measures.

5. Sharing results and recommendations for actions

Data evaluation and deeper insights only generate real value if they reach a real person responsible for operations, maintenance, and asset management who can use these insights to make faster and better decisions. Railigent X applies modern UI/UX methods and technologies to deliver the right insights to the right person at the right time. Wherever possible and meaningful, this also includes a remedy proposal or action recommendation to generate even more value for the user.

Higher reliability and availability with Railigent X

Railigent X offers great benefits for your rail asset management. Rail transportation becomes more efficient, reliable, and comfortable thanks to condition-based monitoring, data analysis, and predictive maintenance concepts. Additionally, lifecycle costs and operational risks can be reduced. Co-creation using Siemens’ domain knowledge and our clients’ expertise allows for comprehensive asset management and customer proximity.

The added value of digital services can consist in bringing the knowledge from the past to gain insights for the present and the future.
Dr. Steffen Schranil | Director Fleet Management | SBB Cargo International AG
Fleet Monitoring 5

The rail asset management solution for 100% fleet availability!

Fleet Monitoring 5 is the central app for maintainers who want to remotely monitor the condition of their rolling stock assets and efficiently take actions. By providing easy access to data and an efficient workflow support, Fleet Monitoring 5 helps to increase reliability and availability as well as reduce service delays and maintenance costs.

Enabling remote condition monitoring and incident management

Today rolling stock assets send between about 1 and 4 bn data points per year. But how can we turn this data into actions to improve performance and costs?


As part of Railigent X, Fleet Monitoring 5 provides tailored access to data and supports users to address their daily challenges. Helping to detect faults early, with Fleet Monitoring 5 a potentially required corrective measure can be turned from an unplanned event to a planned one. This reduces the impact on operations as well as the associated service delay. The reliability of the trains gets increased. By analyzing the fault remotely and while the train is still in operation, depot times can be shortened and the availability of the asset for operations increased. Requesting the work order via the integrated interface and by automating repetitive tasks, the efficiency of workflows gets improved, the overall maintenance costs reduced.


Partner ecosystem for the Railigent X application suite

This open partner ecosystem covers the entire digital services portfolio spectrum for the Railigent X application suite. Our goal for Railigent X and its partner ecosystem is tangible customer value. The integration of third-party applications from leading specialists in digital rail services and their combination with in-house applications results in even more comprehensive asset management software for rails. The flexibility to address basically any customer need is one of the biggest benefits – and opportunities – of the partner ecosystem. Railigent X and its partner ecosystem is a core element of the Alliance for Availability.

The open partner ecosystem for best-in-class rail applications 

Data analysis supplied by these apps enables optimized maintenance of fleets and infrastructures, more cost-efficient operations, and 100% system availability.


Railigent X currently comprises approximately 30 member such as: Argus Cyber Security, RazorSecure Ltd., BOOM Software, Dellner, DMA, Frauscher Sensonic, Ginkgo Management Consulting, HACON, igus, Knorr-Bremse, Menlo79, MPEC Technology, OXplus, Perpetuum, SKF, Sopra Steria Consulting, Strukton, Televic Rail, Uptime Engineering, voestalpine Signaling, Quest, Voith, and Wi-Tronix.


Railigent X in action

Intelligent rail asset data collection, monitoring, and analysis are the new normal for prescriptive maintenance in the rail transport industry – and you can read about their success in the following sample references.


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