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Smart Data

Record and analyze rail data – then use it prescriptively

The digital transformation is enabling huge developments in maintenance and asset management in the rail transport industry. Siemens Mobility Services lets you fully connect your systems, data infrastructure, intelligence and applications to draw computer-based conclusions for predictive maintenance and quickly turn them into reality. That makes it possible to arrange maintenance to suit your targets when you want to do it – not when circumstances demand it.

Get higher availability and efficiency with an optimum data flow

Use Siemens Mobility Services to increase the availability of your systems while cutting costs. In today’s world, rolling stock, components and rail automation systems all deliver “Big Data.” To turn that into meaningful Smart Data, we use an intelligent combination of data gathering, analysis and diagnostics.

The result is predictive maintenance for rolling stock and infrastructure – through to prescriptive maintenance that draws on forecasts to provide computer-based recommendations. Railigent™, the new mobility platform for Digital Services provides the technological foundation for data security and performance.

The way of data

How the data gets from the rail to the model

With MindConnect Rail the data from your infrastructure and rolling stock systems is transmitted to the terrestrial terminals securely and in real time, without system feedback – guaranteed. That means you are kept constantly up to date with the status of your systems. Our robust connectivity solutions provide you with the ideal foundation for the mobility platform Railigent. The data that is transmitted is displayed as part of the Smart Monitoring process so you can structure and plan your maintenance more efficiently. You get greater system availability as a result. Downtimes on the line and time spent in the depot will both fall. And you get guaranteed data consistency and quality. Different value-added levels are available, depending on your specific requirements in terms of recording and evaluating diagnostic data.

How we read patterns and trends for you

At the Siemens Mobility Data Services Center in Munich-Allach, our team of data scientists analyzes terabytes of data sourced from engines, bearings, door systems, air-conditioning units and train control systems. Using state-of-the-art algorithms, the material that is obtained is calculated and analyzed on the mobility platform Railigent, drawing on global environmental data and practical experience from hundreds of routes and train fleets. From this, we identify patterns, record deviations, and compare these against rolling stock or systems of the same type. Any anomalies undergo targeted evaluation to prevent failures and ensure a high level of availability for your systems.

“We have the best algorithms you can find in Europe, and so we can give our customers a guarantee that the model will become better and more accurate every year.”
Gerhard Kreß, Gerhard Kress, Head of Siemens Mobility Data Services Center, Munich

How you learn what needs to be done

How should specific, short-term anomalies be interpreted ahead of the knowledge derived from long-term pattern and trend analysis? This is where the Support Centers for rail systems and rail automation in Munich, Erlangen and Braunschweig come in. Our experts keep their eyes on fleets of rolling stock and routes. They analyze anomalies, and from this process they derive recommendations – from immediate measures on a specific item of rolling stock to predictive scheduling of a workshop visit. The goal: to do everything to ensure there is no need to reassign employees and systems, put passengers off or delay transportation activities.

“The value in data lies in putting it all together. For the future, that means we have to bring together all of our vehicle knowledge from the combined perspectives of operators, maintenance and manufacturers, to ensure the data is analyzed meaningfully.”
Rainer Beller, Rainer Beller, Chief Technical Officer, Mitsui Rail Capital Europe (MRCE)

How digital services work as a whole

How to make maintenance easier

Siemens Mobility Services assumed responsibility for maintenance in about 50 local and long-distance transport projects, some scheduled to run beyond the year 2050. An essential factor is to learn quickly from experience gained in operational and maintenance work.

Our maintenance management platform CORMAP® can be used to digitally plan, shape and document the processes of corrective and preventive maintenance, and of material and asset management, from end to end. This leads to greater transparency, a better ability to plan and improved cost-efficiency of maintenance across the entire life cycle. Standards and guidelines are reliably observed. Future employees will be able to tap into a valuable corpus of existing expertise – and refine it to make rail transport better and better.

How you can benefit from skilled support

The Mobility Support Centers are available 24/7, 365 days a year*, and promptly develop a specific solution for your problem. You can benefit from remote maintenance support from experts, for example – in several languages. If the data shows that your rail employees will not be able to deal with the cause, our Support Center will coordinate the deployment and dispatch of mobile service engineers. If workshop-based repair should be necessary, the Support Center will immediately arrange a place in the nearest workshop. It goes without saying that the work processes, employee capacities, spare parts, and tools will also be planned accordingly.

* Depending on the terms of the contract

Support Center Rail Automation and Rail Electrification, Braunschweig

The Support Center in Braunschweig looks after the whole spectrum of rail transport infrastructure, from operations control systems to signal technology and train control systems through to points and signal boxes – over 300 products in total.

The team is made up of specialists who are available on standby 24/7 for our customers around the world.


Support Center Rail Systems, Erlangen


The Support Center in Erlangen looks after rail vehicles throughout Europe and worldwide. Locomotives are its main focus, but it also looks after subway rolling stock and their control systems.

Support Center Security & Operation, Munich-Allach


The “Security and Operation” Support Center brings together expert knowledge on IT security and central infrastructure operation, which is essential to the services provided by Digital Services. In this setting, the Support Center is the central contact point when it comes to ensuring reliable operation and a high level of availability for data transmission and analysis systems.



Smart Data with the best references

Intelligent data gathering, analysis and evaluation are becoming the reality for prescriptive maintenance in the rail transport industry – and the success can be seen in the following references on our Digital Services, for example.


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