Broken Rail Detection (BRD)

This train-mounted solution validates the health of the rail, identifies any breaks, and accordingly notifies the rail status for the following train. BRD thus increases throughput as tracks can be maintained quickly and cleared for operation instead of being blocked for days due to a derailment. BRD is designed for easy installation and operation on various rail-based vehicles. The sensor identifies breaks before a conventional track circuit could detect an electrical disconnect in the rail. Any break in the rail can be identified with a very accurate GPS position within 100 mm (~3.9 in) for ease of identification and repair. On-board BRD reports to the backoffice system to verify any detection. Messages are then passed to the signaling system or train control to take immediate action on the next trains passing the located breaks. This way, BRD offers a near real-time detection and verification of breaks in rails – for safer and more profitable operation.

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Keeping track of your rail status


Our service – your benefits

• Reliable detection of broken rails prevents service interruption and derailment
• Fast alerts give timely warning to following trains
• Extended inspection intervals reduce costs
• No wayside monitoring infrastructure necessary


Information for railway operators

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A word about reliability

You can count on BRD; it is a highly reliable system. Testing and operation over more than 400,000 km (250,000 mi) has confirmed its value by identifying all broken rails, including breaks in switches and turnouts not covered by conventional track circuits. At the same time, false positives are remarkably low, more than 200,000 km (~124,274 mi) surveyed per false detection. BRD supports self-calibration and verification. Your needs and preferences determine the scope of support: operator, installation and maintenance training can be provided, along with ongoing on-site and remote service.

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