Vehicle Equipment Measurement Systems (VEMS)

VEMS provide a range of automated inspections of rail vehicles to determine their serviceability and safety. The VEMS range is designed as a suite of modular measurement solutions installed on, or adjacent to, the track – providing roll-by checks of: vehicle integrity, wheels, brakes, pantographs and collector shoes. VEMS solutions excel in condition monitoring, providing detailed and objective inspections to support the management of maintenance activities. By detecting critical equipment conditions, they help increase operational safety and protect your valuable assets. The systems are supported by a comprehensive Data Management System (DMS); including a measurement database and facilities for analyzing, viewing and reporting measured data – along with tools to convert this data into usable, objective maintenance information.    

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Modules of VEMS

To make life easier, we have organized VEMS into modules based on specific features. These modules can be implemented separately or as a tailored group. VEMS solutions inform maintenance engineers which components or areas require attention, thus speeding up the entire workflow in the depot.

VEMS for wheel profile

VEMS for wheel profile provide highly accurate measurements of wheel parameters and generates a complete profile from the back of the flange to the rim face. All measurements can be applied during normal operation and lead to more precise data compared to previous time-consuming manual measurements.

VEMS for wheel tread

By generating an exact digital image of the entire tread surface around the circumference, VEMS for wheel tread detect and report cavities, flats and out-of-roundness. This enables rapid, easy inspection of the full tread, which would be difficult to accomplish manually on a stationary train.

VEMS for brake

VEMS for brake are based on high-precision, non-contact measurements of the friction materials and brake components. These systems measure the wear of brake pads, brake discs and brake blocks and can compare wear trends across axles, bogies, trains and fleets. Any missing components, such as brake pads, are reliably identified. All inspections take place during normal operation.

VEMS for current collector

The fully-automated VEMS for current collector measure the integrity of current-collecting components: the pantograph and collector shoes. The recorded data can be trended to derive wear rates and predict service life. And the measurement records can be stored, analyzed, viewed and reported in the MRX Data Management System (DMS).

VEMS for visual inspection

The Visual Inspection System (VIS) replaces traditional visual inspection, allowing a virtual check while the train is still in service. It enables vehicle integrity checks before entering service or after leaving service, automatically inspects pre-selected parts and creates a complete digital image.


Our service – your benefits

• Increased availability of rolling stock
• Cost savings as automatic vehicle inspection nearly fully substitutes the manual inspection of relevant components
• Improved safety thanks to more consistent measurements and component integrity assessment
• Superior planning through comprehensive data analysis
• Optimized life span of components until reaching technical wear limit

Integration with Siemens Railigent®

The benefits of VEMS and Railigent

VEMS data is stored and analyzed in the MRX Data Management System (DMS). Additionally, all measurement data can be securely encrypted and transmitted to Railigent, the rail specific application suite (powered by MindSphere). By integrating data in Railigent and by adding algorithms, optimized timing of maintenance tasks can be achieved (predictive maintenance).

The benefits
• Data analytics: complex analytic models allow for precise prediction of component wear.
• Data integration in existing maintenance management systems is the basis for an automatic workflow.
• Data visualization enables the understanding of the current situation and supports root cause analyses.
• Value-add analytics: greater analytic depth through additional data sources, e.g. train data that are analyzed together in Railigent.

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