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Ensuring sustainable rail cyber security with rail cyber security services

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White Paper: Lessons Learned on Rail Cybersecurity

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Smart rail cyber security in a nutshell

In our connected world we see an increased demand for transportation. It needs to be sustainable and efficient. This requires more and more digitalization and connecting people always needs to be safe and secure. “What is the relevance of cyber security in the rail environment? And how can it be sustainable over the complete life cycle?” Watch the video, learn about the difference between safety and security, and see how smart rail cyber security services protect rail infrastructure and rolling stock.

Why rail cyber security is needed

Rail cyber security services for the digital rail world

Availability, maximum reliability, and security: These are the challenges every rail operator is faced with – concerning both rail infrastructure and rolling stock. Gaps in rail cyber security can prevent these targets from being met or even damage the operator‘s reputation. For this reason, ensuring sustainable rail cyber security is a fundamental requirement for smooth and safe operation. With our rail cyber security services, we help you to analyze your systems, identify potential vulnerabilities, and define and implement measures to protect your assets.
Smart rail cyber security services

Together we ensure rail cyber security

Cyber security in railway systems can only be implemented and permanently maintained through a series of intelligently linked processes. With our smart cyber security services, we provide continuous expert support for all required measures.

Explore our rail cyber security services offering step by step

Assess the current situation and identify risks

The first step towards cyber security in railway systems is a precise status analysis. Following the requirements specified in IEC 62443, we first determine and analyze the required scope for railroad infrastructure with you. In the next step, we develop the outline for an individual protection concept on the basis of a questionnaire specifically adapted to your system configuration, a joint workshop, and a site inspection. This protection concept includes customized technical and process-related measures.


For rolling stock, we apply a risk analysis method that has been specially developed and tested for the railway industry. Again, we first determine the systems to be analyzed with you. On this basis we prepare a risk assessment that includes pragmatic technical concepts and process-related measures in a joint workshop.


In addition, we determine and evaluate the individual risk potential of your system through intentional and transparent hacking attempts within the framework of a penetration test proven for railway systems. The outlined protection concepts as well as the results of the penetration test are the starting point for the next step: the implementation of necessary security measures.

Provide the utmost security

The assessment of possible risks and evaluation of required protective measures is followed by the implementation of your individual protection concept for cyber security. First of all, the protection concepts roughly outlined in the preceding step are described in detail for this purpose. Once all the necessary details have been defined, we implement project-specific technical measures, such as the hardening of systems, the execution of necessary updates and upgrades, and zoning, if that should be required. We will, of course, update the safety approval if necessary.

Always be alert and ready to react

Cyber security in railway systems can only be maintained permanently if the continually changing threat situation is constantly and closely monitored. That’s why we monitor data around the clock in real time. This enables us to immediately identify anomalies and possible new threats at any time. If the threat situation changes, we’ll inform you immediately with proactive threat reports that help you react appropriately and without delay. Of course, we also support you in the development of adequate responses to cyber security events.

Sensitivity for cyber security in railway operations

Just like in other industrial sectors, cyber security for railway systems ultimately stands or falls with the people behind the technology. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive range of customized training courses for rail operators. Our smart security experts raise your employees’ awareness of threats during the training sessions and convey consistent action strategies for the protection of your company and its systems.


In addition to the standard training courses that are available as Web-based online training or as classroom training at the Siemens Rail Academy, we also provide individual training courses tailored to your specific requirements.

Benefits of our rail cyber security services

Rail cyber security has many aspects – we take care of them

When it comes to secure rail operation, nothing should be left to chance: Use our rail cyber security services for analyzing and assessing your rail systems’ security. Where are potential vulnerabilities? What are the best measures to protect your rail vehicles and systems? Our service covers every angle – proactive, knowledge-based, customized, and in a closed process.
Download our data sheet about our rail cyber security services:

Rail cyber security datasheet


Success stories of rail cyber security

Whether assessing system security and potential vulnerabilities, implementing measures to protect assets, or preparing for audits – other rail operators already benefit from our rail cyber security services. Let these selected success stories be an inspiration what our rail cyber security services can do for you.


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