Rail maintenance services 

Maintenance & technical support from Siemens Mobility Rail Services

Always one step ahead thanks to professional maintenance and technical support

Whether it’s to ensure continuous rail operation, maximum availability and reliability, or value preservation, Siemens Mobility Rail Services provides rail operators with efficient, state-of-the-art maintenance services and technical support for their rolling stock and rail infrastructure. Digitalization allows us to offer you a new dimension in maintenance performance. Additionally, you benefit from our proximity to the manufacturer and from our global network of support centers and train maintenance facilities with highly experienced experts.

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Rail maintenance services

Catch a glimpse of our rail maintenance services in action

Siemens Mobility Rail Services provides professional maintenance services worldwide to ensure that your operations always run smoothly. You can rely on our solutions for maximum availability and efficiency. See what this can look like, for example, at out Rail Service Center Dortmund-Eving.
For us, the Rail Service Center in Dortmund isn’t just a workshop. It’s also a data center where we collect all the information from operations in order to provide the best possible quality on the rails.
Georg Seifert, Head of Regional Rail Transportation Rhine-Ruhr
Train maintenance facilities

Our maintenance facility network at your service

One important key to providing customers worldwide with maintenance services and technical support is a close-knit network of maintenance facilities in direct proximity to our customers’ railway operations. Whether in one of our own Rail Service Centers or a depot facility operated by one of our customers, our technicians and technical experts service rail vehicles, components, and rail infrastructure. Our Railigent X ecosystem enables our service experts in the support centers to maintain close contact with customers and to remotely access assets in the field.

Maintenance services for trains and rail systems

From railway infrastructure maintenance to workshop services for your rail vehicles in a state-of-the-art train maintenance facility – our maintenance and technical support services help rail operators keep their trains and rail systems running.

Efficient railroad maintenance with excellent quality

Proven overhaul for point machines

Previously, point machines had to be mechanically reconditioned after one million operations or ten years. This meant removing and shipping them to the factory and then waiting weeks before getting them back with certification for the next ten years. Now the workshop comes to the points. The following day, the workshop moves on to the next set of points, wherever in the world it may be. You enjoy 100% system availability thanks to our mobile overhaul container.


Rail maintenance services in practice

Maintenance and technical support from Siemens Mobility Rail Services ensure the availability of trains and rail systems around the world, as shown by the following practical examples:


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