Proven Infrastructure Care for rail-based transport

Without fixed costs, nearly

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  • availability of infrastructure and rail automation systems

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Proven Infrastructure Care

Services suited to operators of all sizes

Do it yourself or purchase a service? Every rail operator must answer these questions on the basis of a number of influencing factors, from tied-up capital to the availability of qualified personnel. The maintenance offering from Siemens Mobility Services helps you keep your infrastructure and rail systems in shape while reducing fixed costs.

Proven Infrastructure Care – keeps infrastructure and systems in shape

Maximum availability and cost efficiency for your rail automation systems

An in-house maintenance team is well and good, but it’s not always the most economical or most efficient solution for reliably guaranteeing the availability of infrastructure and rail automation systems. It may be profitable for smaller operators or for leasing and rental companies in particular to transfer both small and large tasks to external partners. This guarantees availability and reduces costs – immediately. The experienced specialists from Siemens Mobility Services have extensive expertise and continuously participate in further training in maintaining level crossings, on-board units, point machines, relay groups and interlockings.

Our catalog of service products for Proven Infrastructure Care offers solutions precisely tailored to your needs. The spectrum of services can be individually defined within each area of responsibility. Most services have a fixed cost, providing you with transparent pricing.

Tailored solutions for a wide variety of tasks


Infrastructure maintenance in practice

Whether on individual lines or for the entire rail network – Proven Infrastructure Care from Siemens Mobility Services ensures that everything runs smoothly, as shown by the following example.


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