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Rail Service Center Dortmund-Eving

Cutting-edge technology and proven service expertise

Our Rail Service Center in Dortmund-Eving is one of the most advanced train maintenance depots of its kind. All service is managed completely without paperwork and is geared toward Siemens’ unique, digitalized service offerings.

Customer statement

For us, the Service Center in Dortmund isn’t just a workshop. It’s also a data center where we collect all the information from operations in order to provide the best possible quality on the rails. 
Georg Seifert, Head of Regional Rail Transportation Rhine-Ruhr

A wide range of digital services for maximum availability

The Rail Service Center Dortmund-Eving offers you extensive services for the maintenance of rail vehicles – on a comprehensive, digital, and reliable basis.

Railigent® – the solution for intelligent asset management

Railigent from Siemens Mobility Services empowers you to understand your rail data, generate valuable information, and get more out of your systems. Rail transport is made more efficient, reliable, and safe, thanks to condition-based monitoring, data analysis, and predictive maintenance.

Proven on site

We offer a wide range of maintenance services for your rail vehicles in order to minimize downtime and ensure high availability. We achieve this thanks to advanced maintenance equipment, our highly-trained, ECM-certified service personnel (Entity in Charge of Maintenance), and fast spare parts supply.

Proven overhaul and repair

Whether measuring equipment, test tracks, or automated vehicle inspection (AVI), our test facilities at the Rail Service Center Dortmund-Eving have everything necessary for performing the required function and operational readiness tests on your rail vehicles.
Thanks to the extensive equipment in the maintenance depot, we can also overhaul your air conditioning systems, pantographs, and e-components.

Easy Daily Spares

We take care of the spare parts that are needed for maintenance with the aid of our Easy Daily Spares.
At the Rail Service Center Dortmund-Eving, we not only offer you direct, professional contact with Siemens service experts for spare parts and repairs, but also provide reliable stock management of defined parts, thanks to flexible warehousing concepts.

Easy Sparovation Part®

Thanks to our 3D printer in Dortmund-Eving, we can supply optimized spare parts, produced on site and with higher utility and lower costs, within a shorter time period.
This opens up new possibilities for replacing and modernizing your parts and upgrading your vehicles with new components. Even complex part geometries can be implemented quickly, reliably, and flexibly – including in very small batches.


Cleaning and supply 

At the Rail Service Center, we clean your rail vehicles inside and out so that you can run a clean operation. Our stationary replenishment station lets you fill up with drinking water and dispose of wastewater. We’ll also be happy to supply your rail vehicles with braking sand, windshield washer fluid, and lubricants.


We provide enhanced security for the stabling of your rail vehicles. Stabling sidings with contact wire are available for this purpose in our maintenance depot.
Security fences as well as high-sensitivity laser and camera technology on the access routes protect our site against unauthorized entry. In addition, on-site security personnel guard our stabling facilities around the clock, day and night.


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For more information about the Rail Service Center Dortmund-Eving and to request a meeting, just e-mail our experts. They will be happy to help.