Rail asset management and technical operations

Asset management and technical operations from Siemens Mobility Rail Services

Using and operating rail systems more effectively

One of the greatest challenges of our time is to ensure cost-effective and sustainable mobility while at the same time providing your rail customers with an attractive range of services. Our services for rail asset management and technical operations help you get more from your vehicle and rail system assets and your fleet capacities, thereby ensuring high performance and quality even in exceptional operational situations. This in turn ensures higher revenues, increased customer satisfaction, and greater sustainability, despite growing rail traffic flows.

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Asset management

Get the most from your rail assets

On request, we ensure asset owners, maintainers, and operators with the optimal balance of performance, costs, and risks for their rolling stock and rail infrastructure assets. From optimized operation, maintenance, and renewal activities and minimized service disruptions to streamlined lifecycle costs – with Siemens Mobility Rail Services, you’ll benefit from highly efficient asset management for your fleet and systems.

Improved availability, efficiency, and value for your rolling stock and rail system assets

As part of full-service or lifecycle care contracts, we offer extra services on demand beyond the maintenance of your rail system in order to help you get the most from your existing assets. With our asset management services, we make sure that your rail assets are operated efficiently and do everything we can to preserve their value. Based on our experience with railways and actual findings from the operation and maintenance of rail systems and rolling stock, we analyze, recommend, and implement the appropriate measures. This is how we contribute to high asset availability and reliability as well as improved lifecycle costs and maintenance efficiency.

Technical operations

Ensuring optimized operation and performance

We’ll operate your technology-driven fleet – whether it’s trams, subways, or trains – with our customized operation services. We offer complete customized solutions to improve the operation and performance of your rail vehicles.

Reliable operation with no interruptions – and with optimal performance

Let us relieve you of the many tasks involved in the operation of your rail vehicles – with our technical operation services that will be custom-developed and delivered for your specific rail project. We help you get more from your existing capacities, watch for unusual operating conditions, and keep solutions available to ensure high performance and quality in all situations. Whether it’s single lines, airports, or other self-contained systems, we provide full operations in environments with limited complexity. This includes planning and controlling vehicle operation and driving the vehicles, including light rail, metros, and automated people movers.


Asset management and technical operations – and the best references

Our asset management and technical operations for rail vehicles and systems have proven themselves in practice around the world, both on and below the rails.


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