Test and Validation Center in Wegberg-Wildenrath

Test and Validation Centre Wegberg-Wildenrath (PCW) for railway testing

On 44 hectares of land

30 km
  • standard and meter gauge

  • with 2 test ovals

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Testing and validation

State-of-the-art infrastructure and qualified railway testing under one roof

Locomotives, entire trains, trams, metro vehicles – just about every type of rail vehicle makes its way to Wegberg-Wildenrath at some time or another. That’s because it’s home to one of the world’s largest railway test center for rolling stock: Siemens Mobility’s Test and Validation Center Wegberg-Wildenrath (PCW) – with certification and accreditation and a success story stretching back over 20 years.

Testing, validation, and certification of your vehicles and systems

The accredited and certified Test and Validation Center in Wegberg-Wildenrath – the PCW – is your ideal partner for the testing, validation, and certification of your rolling stock and systems. Here we can perform typical railway tests on practically all standard-gauge and meter-gauge vehicles as well as systems and components – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, independently of public rail network operations. The infrastructure is also available to third parties, twenty-five percent of the vehicles tested come from other companies.


Facilities like measurement track curves, turn-tilt tables, and the vehicle weighing system provide a host of testing options that give you as rail operator the results you need for acceptance tests by certification authorities. Vehicles and systems are tested under real-life conditions or simulated extreme conditions, with static or dynamic tests. This mobility testing services are provided at the Test and Validation Center or right at your own location.

A wide range of mobility testing services at the PCW or your own location

PCW test equipment

Comprehensive test equipment for every rail vehicle

Our facilities at the PCW railway test center in Wegberg-Wildenrath are ideally equipped to meet your unique requirements.

Simulating reality on 30 km of test track (without installation tracks)

So you’ll always stay on track

A 50 meter-long measurement track with a curve radius of 150 meters and two measurement fields is available for determining wheel support and guidance forces. The safety of rail vehicles against derailment is assessed here in accordance with DIN EN 14363:2005.

For controlling every turn

Traveling through curves, over hills, and across dips can be simulated at a standstill. Both standard and meter gauge vehicles are tested on the turn-tilt table. The following tests can also be carried out: testing the freedom of movement between bogie and vehicle body, and determining the rotation torque of bogies.

So your ride is always stable

Corresponding tipping equipment is available for measuring vehicle rolling characteristics. Here the effect of transverse accelerations such as centrifugal forces or side winds can be simulated on the test bed by means of tipping.

For whisper-quiet travel

Compliance with legal noise limits is essential: The authorities are extremely precise and withhold approval if a rail vehicle is only one decibel louder than allowed. 


Your vehicles can be subjected to a noise test at speeds of up to 99,4 mph on an acoustic measuring rig in accordance with TSI Noise and DIN EN ISO 3095:2005. This is much easier than testing them on the public network during normal operation. The condition of the track complies with strict European approval regulations and is regularly inspected.

To keep weight, wheel loads and wheel vertical loads within acceptable limits

Eight weighing elements are provided on a 52 meter-long, leveled, standard-gauge track. The distance between these elements can be varied. The load-bearing capacity per wheelset is 30 tons, with a measuring range per wheel of between 1 and 180 kilonewtons. The measured values have a resolution of 50 newtons. This makes it possible to determine the precise weight of your vehicles.


So you stay on track

The vehicle weighing system is also used for distortion testing and can set parallel lifting heights up to 120 millimeters for each wheel at eight axles and determine the corresponding wheel load reduction.

To guarantee safety in an electric railway environment

Lightning and switching impulse voltages can be applied for test purposes using the IP5/200L impulse voltage test system. This system has functions for switching impulse (250/2500 µs) and lightning impulse (1.2/50 µs), with parameters in accordance with DIN EN 60060-1. Alternating and direct voltages can be tested on the AC/DC high-voltage test system according to DIN EN 60060-2 with 10 kV AC, 100 kV AC and 135 kV DC.

Powerful mobility testing services in every way

Certified and accredited by independent bodies


Information about the PCW for rail operators

The PCW railway test center in Wegberg-Wildenrath offers you a wide range of mobility testing services for rolling stock at the PCW or your own location – from inspections to certification. You can download more information here.


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For more information about the Test and Validation Center Wegberg-Wildenrath – the PCW – and our mobility testing services, please contact our experts. They will be glad to assist you. Contact: Test and Validation Center Wegberg-Wildenrath | Friedrich-List-Allee 1 | 41844 Wegberg-Wildenrath | Germany | Tel.: +49 (2432) 9480 0

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