Spare parts and repair for rail systems

No matter what, no matter when: Our spare part services can provide all the spare parts your rail specialists need. With Easy Spares®, we ensure a fast, easy, and reliable supply to give you 100% system availability. Whether you want new, repaired or refurbished parts, MoBase® is the place to go. Do you require unique or rarely needed parts? Then check out Easy Sparovation Part® for improved 3D-printed parts. Our Easy obsolescence solutions ensure optimal availability over entire lifecycles. If you’re looking for an alternative to replacement, our Easy component and part repair & overhaul offering has the answers.

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Spare part solutions

Optimal spare part services for railway operations

Increasing cost pressure makes large spare part inventories uneconomical. Spare part services optimize inventories and procurement, reduce costs, and increase system availability up to 100%. Stock your strategic parts but let us identify and deliver the rest – quickly and easily.

Simple and effective spare part solutions for optimized stocking

We offer optimal spare part solutions for every requirement. Our Easy Spares concept enables us to “stock every part that it makes sense to stock” and provide individual options for all other necessary parts.


Your benefits:

  • Delivery of the predefined spare parts within the EU – usually on the next workday
  • Spare parts on demand with or without contract
  • Optimized delivery time thanks to automated processes and central storage
  • Short reaction time – even for materials with a long production lead time
  • Minimization of your inventory (capital commitment/storage volume)
  • The warranty period starts when the spare parts are needed
  • Easy Spares Agreement with availability guarantee; individual spare part scope possible
Easy Spares Next Generation

Seamless digital supply chain for rail spare parts

Rail spare parts identified in 10 seconds, ordered in 3 minutes, and delivered in 24 hours. For a long time, this was a vision, now it’s reality. The service products behind this holistic process have assembled like the pieces of a puzzle over the years, and now our customers are benefiting from a seamless, digital supply of railway spare parts. This is our Easy Spares Next Generation®.

How Easy Spares Next Generation works in detail

MoBase – order your railway spare parts online

MoBase is a one-stop-shop to meet all the material needs of the rail industry. For rail vehicles and rail infrastructure, you can order everything – from a complete locomotive, tools, and workshop equipment and services like on-site and virtual trainings to the smallest screw. The seamless integration of different sellers under one roof, combined with our reliable spare part services, makes it possible to offer a very wide range of products, save time and support 100% system availability.

Your benefits with Easy Spares Next Generation

High performance with Easy Spares Next Generation

Fast, simple, and reliable delivery: Easy Spares Next Generation brings to rail operations what we've already been enjoying in our everyday lives online.


Saving time increases efficiency – and Easy Spares Next Generation works on that principle. Our customers not only save time, they also cut costs and can guarantee optimal, 100% system availability.


Using Easy Spares IDea, customers can identify the right part within 10 seconds and order it online at our MoBase mobility marketplace. Within the next workday, the required rail spare part is delivered in Europe and within 48 hours worldwide.


Spare part services in detail


Success stories with innovative spare part services

Discover how a new way of manufacturing is changing the supply of spare parts for railway vehicles in practice: Additive manufacturing is already improving rail operations, maintenance, and spare part procurement with 3D-printed train spares and spare parts for trams. You can read about this in the following spare part service references.


Fast procurement: Order rail spare parts 24/7

Find the right material in the right place at the right time on MoBase, our mobility marketplace for fast procurement of rail spare parts for all kinds of rolling stock and rail infrastructure. Use our powerful product search to find the parts you need quickly and easily. Discover a new digital shopping experience, online 24/7 from any place in the world – with live availability for convenient ordering. You’ll find a complete range of suppliers under one roof so you can quickly find the right rail spare parts – and all the information you need. MoBase – more than a spare part warehouse.

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