Spare Part Services

We make sure that your specialists have all the parts they need, quickly, easily, and reliably, any time they’re needed. Whether you want new, repaired, or refurbished parts, our promise is Easy Spares®. Thanks to Siemens’ leading position in the field of additive manufacturing, you can get even the most unique or rarely-needed parts, even in small runs – often with design improvements. With our obsolescence solutions, you can depend on getting the right parts for the entire lifecycle of your systems. Easy Spares – for a lifetime.

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Easy Spares

Spare-part logistics for 100% Railability®

Efficient need-bundling and fast spare part supply:

  • From operator stocking with high capital commitment to just-in-time supply
  • From expensive safety reserves to guaranteed availability of defined spare parts
  • From manual ordering to 24/7 online ordering from the MoBase®
  • From multiple suppliers to one-stop shopping for all your spare part needs

3D printing

3D printing for the rail industry – how you benefit:


  • Improved components
  • Reduction of delivery time
  • Reduction of non-recurring costs
  • Freedom of design
  • Solutions for obsolete components
  • Fast repairs

Easy Obsolescence Solutions

Secure spare part supply for a lifetime

Preventive obsolescence management:

  • Reduces later obsolescence costs
  • Minimizes risk of downtime and potential punitive demands of transport authorities
  • Makes it possible to act fast

Reactive obsolescence management:   

  • Dependable investment protection
  • Cost reduction through short-term transition solutions
  • Reduction in your lifecycle costs

Easy Spares IDea

Identify and order spare parts by app in the future

Speed instead of expensive inventories:

  • App for identifying parts, checking stocks, and ordering
  • Photograph the defective part on a smartphone
  • Automatic identification with real-time image analysis
  • Automatic stock level query; app shows part availability
  • Online order by app from the MoBase® 

Easy Repair

Quickly repair parts instead of replacing them

Fast, high-quality repair of your components:

  • 33 repair shops in 15 countries
  • Repairs for electrical and mechanical components
  • Over ten years of experience


The MoBase® is an one stop shop to meet all the material needs in the rail industry. For rail vehicles and infrastructure you can order everything from a complete locomotive to the smallest screw. Seamless integration of sellers, combined with our reliable services in the spare parts business makes it possible to offer a very wide range of products, save time and support 100% system availability.

Spare Part Services

Optimal spare part supply for railway operations

Store it or get it delivered? It’s your decision. But increasing cost pressures mitigate against high safety reserves of spare parts. Siemens Mobility Services lets you optimize your spare part inventory. Keep A-parts on hand, but get the ones you need less frequently identified and delivered quickly and easily.

Simple and effective solutions for optimized part stocking

Siemens Mobility Services provides the most important spare parts within 24 hours anywhere in Europe, and within 48 hours anywhere in the world, barring customs issues. But what really makes spare-part stocking easy is our Easy Spares concept: “We stock every part that it makes sense to stock.” As a result of its very successful use with Vectron locomotives, you can also use this concept in a “light” version for the Combino tram. For mechanical parts that can’t be economically stocked for decades, we use additive manufacturing – with a guaranteed supply for more than 30 years, up to 90 percent time savings compared with mechanical production, and the freedom to make functional and ergonomic improvements.

Easy Spares Next Generation

Seamless digital chain in material supply

Identified in 10 seconds, ordered in 3 minutes and delivered in 24 hours. For a long time it was a vision, now it has become reality. The service products behind the holistic process have been assembled like a puzzle in recent years. The picture is now complete and our customers can benefit from a seamless, digital supply of materials. These are our Easy Spares Next Generation™.

Spare Part Services in detail


Spare Part Services on the rails

Additive manufacture is already improving railway operations, as you’ll see in the following Spare Part Services references.

Information for railway operators

Our Spare Part Services let you make sure you get an efficient spare part supply. Download more information here.


Order spare parts around the clock

The right materials at the right time in the right place can be found in the MoBase. Use our strong product search to quickly jump to the desired product – easy and uncomplicated. Discover a new digital shopping experience, online 24/7 from any place in the world – with alive availability for convenient ordering. Enjoy the range of different vendors under one roof to find the right spare part with high speed – with all the information you need.

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