Obsolescence management for rail systems

Checking the obsolescence schedule for electronic railway components

Spare part supply for

30 years
  • and longer

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Easy obsolescence solutions

The right obsolescence management strategy for the entire service lifecycle

Rail systems are long-lasting investments with planned service lives of 30 to 40 years. The supply of spare parts for railways needs to be guaranteed over the long term in order to ensure continuous operability and efficient maintenance. With easy obsolescence solutions, Siemens Mobility Rail Services offers railway operators a comprehensive portfolio for obsolescence management according to IEC standard 62402 to ensure the availability of spare parts over the entire lifecycle of their vehicles and infrastructure systems.

Protect your investments with a reliable railway spare part supply

Rail vehicles and systems have long supply chains with many part suppliers and have to undergo complex, time-consuming approval processes. Obsolescence can’t be prevented – but with the right planning, the consequences can be manageable. To prevent obsolescence-related downtime, interruptions to operations, and unnecessary costs, we offer railway operators three different connected products:

  • Obsolescene notice
  • Obsolescence solution
  • Obsolescence management & monitoring

Benefit from coordinated railway obsolescence management tools

Our coordinated obsolescence products enable the long-term operation of your vehicle fleet and rail infrastructure and reduce lifecycle costs.


100% system availability with obsolescence management for railways

To guarantee the availability of your rail systems over the long term, you need an efficient and customized obsolescence management strategy. With our obsolescence solution and obsolescence management & monitoring, we ensure that obsolescence risks and maintenance challenges are reduced by forward planning and targeted measures. This will increase your system availability and cut your overall lifecycle costs.

Obsolescence solution for your rail systems

Obsolescence management and monitoring for your rail systems


Easy obsolescence management: Best-practice cases

A number of railway operators are already tackling the risk of product discontinuation in the rail industry with smart obsolescence management strategies from Siemens Mobility Rail Services. Re-engineering, migration solutions for outdated components, and the purchase of residual stockpiles for final stocking: Our easy obsolescence solutions are proven problem-solvers, as shown in the following obsolescence management best-practice cases.


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Do you want to know more about how to prepare for the discontinuation of railway components and how to improve your maintenance efficiency? Or do you need specific information on the obsolescence management process flow and railway obsolescence management tools? Contact our specialists, they’ll be happy to assist you in any way with our obsolescence management strategy and our spare part services for railways and rail systems.

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