Easy Obsolescence Solutions for railways

Spare part supply for

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Easy Obsolescence Solutions

Reliable spare part supply throughout the entire service lifecycle

Mobility systems are long-lasting investments with planned service lives up to 30 to 40 years. The supply of spare parts must be guaranteed over the long term in order to ensure continuous operability. Siemens Mobility Services offers Easy Obsolescence Solutions in compliance with IEC 62402 to prevent obsolescence-related downtime and interruptions in operation as well as unnecessary costs.

Protect your investments with the right Obsolescence Solutions

Vehicles and railway systems are usually manufactured in low quantities. They have long supply chains with many part suppliers and are subject to complex, time-consuming approval processes. With our Easy Obsolescence Solutions, you can protect your investments with proactive and reactive obsolescence management.

Easy Obsolescence Solutions – proactive and reactive

Triple protection from supply gaps

1. Obsolescence Notice

  • Early warning of impending obsolescence (at least six to 12 months in advance) with a notification letter
  • Identification and discussion of preventive solutions (for example, residual requirement coverage and end-of-life provisioning; alternative production methods like 3D printing)

2. Obsolescence Monitoring

  • Monitoring of complete vehicles and systems in order to identify risks and critical components years in advance
  • Clear outlook on the future availability of spare parts with action recommendations
  • Development of strategies to ensure a spare part supply in line with future requirements

3. Obsolescence Protection

In addition, you can also protect yourself contractually from potential obsolescence risks.  For the duration of the contract, we guarantee the availability of all required spare parts for your vehicle or system under terms defined in advance. If necessary, this can also include migration packages that enable suitable substitute solutions to be developed on time.

Solutions in the event of obsolescence

If a component unexpectedly becomes unavailable, our reactive obsolescence management solutions provide you with alternative options. Depending on the situation, a variety of approaches are possible:

  1. Source compatible spare parts, remaining stock, or used components
  2. Identify and qualify alternative suppliers
  3. Perform repairs and system upgrades
  4. Re-engineer obsolete components

Complete obsolescence management

From prototype to obsolescence

Our service – how you benefit

  • Direct and fast access to OEM expertise for obsolescence management
  • Reliable investment protection over the entire lifecycle
  • Identification of critical spare parts months or years before the onset of obsolescence
  • Action recommendations to ensure long-term spare part availability and therefore system availability
  • Time and cost-optimized processing
  • Minimization of the risk of downtime and customer penalty claims
  • Guaranteed spare part availability per contractual agreement under terms defined in advance

Information for railway operators

You can download information on obsolescence solutions from Siemens Mobility Services here.

Examples of successful Easy Obsolescence Solutions

Whether it’s migration, re-engineering, or final stocking, obsolescence solutions from Siemens Mobility Services are proven problem-solvers, as shown in the following references.


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