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The right time, the right place – wherever you are!

When it comes to spare parts that are needed on short notice, there is only one rule: The right part has to be in the right place at the right time, quickly, reliably, and economically. Spare parts are essential for the reliability of your vehicles and systems. How can you as an operator ensure a dependable and economical spare part supply, with a significantly lower capital commitment? Read more about complete spare part logistics from Siemens Mobility Services.

Complete spare part logistics – with a delivery guarantee

Tying up capital was yesterday – guaranteed availability is today

Preparedness is a must – so railway operators often maintain high inventories of spare parts from many different suppliers, who must all be coordinated. This ties up enormous amounts of capital.

Today there’s a more efficient alternative. Siemens Mobility Services bundles the demand for you and stocks its own and third-party parts alike digitally in the MoBase® , where you can order any part you need online 24/7. Our sophisticated logistics concept located at the World Distribution Center near Frankfurt/Main airport allows us to make an unusual promise: We will supply contractually specified spare parts within one work day in Europe, faster if needed, and within 48 hours worldwide. So you can replace expensive inventories that tie up capital, with guaranteed availability.

More about complete spare part logistics

Our World Distribution Center (WDC) in Rodgau, Germany, is the heart of our express logistics. Here we store all of the important standard parts that our customers need for smooth rail operations. 365 days a year, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, our employees and our fully automated order handling and shipping systems make sure that parts get to their destination as quickly as possible.

  • 6,500 square meters stock area
  • Order picking and preparation for shipping within 30 minutes
  • 24/7 shipping readiness
  • Just 30 minutes from the Frankfurt airport
  • ESD workstation to protect components from electrostatic discharge
  • Highly flexible handling area

Easy Spares, for the improved availability of your systems

Siemens Mobility Services secures your spare part supply for Vectron locomotives, and also for Combino trams with a selected range of materials – so you can focus on your core business. With Easy Spares, we take care of stocking all the necessary spare parts for you, and we guarantee fast delivery from our central inventory. You save the costs of stocking and logistics, freeing up your capital for other purposes. Because we bundle materials in our central warehouse, you also benefit from synergistic effects as well as a guarantee that starts with delivery of the part.

Thanks to reliable delivery the next workday throughout Europe, with Easy Spares you avoid downtime. The availability of your fleet is improved, and with it your competitiveness – for just a 9.5 percent service fee on the spare part list price.

Lean security

  • You get greater spare part availability, thanks to our just-in-time logistics.
  • You can reduce your part inventory to small supplies in depots, cutting the amount of capital and space you tie up.
  • You can order the parts you need with a mouse-click, online and around the clock at the MoBase.
  • You get everything with “one-stop shopping” – we take care of managing multiple suppliers.
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Information for railway operators

Our Spare Part Services let you make sure you get an efficient spare part supply. Download more information here.


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