Upgrade Services

Increased energy efficiency, improved passenger comfort, and greater reliability – there are many good reasons for modernizing, extending, or repairing your railway vehicles and infrastructure. Another good reason is to extend their service life, because a long service life conserves resources.   Whether modifying the interior, performing a system upgrade or overhaul – with our Siemens Upgrade Services, you can rest assured that your fleet will head comfortably, energy-efficiently, and with low emissions into the future.

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Expert Features

Extensions for your vehicle

Expert Features keep your rail systems and locomotives at the cutting edge of technology for a lifetime thanks to a wide range of modifications and extensions.

  • Contact with experts
  • Access to expertise – within defined processing times
  • Use of up-to-date technologies and product advancements
  • Improved availability and reliability
  • Lower lifecycle costs
  • Extended service life and higher residual value
Upgrade Services

Extended service life of rail systems – thanks to Upgrade Services

There can be many different reasons to modernize – reduced emissions, increased energy efficiency, greater comfort, additional functionality, optimized maintenance. What all have in common, however, is an extended lifetime. Our Upgrade Services get the best out of your rail systems and prepare rails for the long haul.

Increasing the value of your systems with know-how from experts

Whether for a complete modernization, a refurbishment of components, or a technology retrofit paired with vehicle extensions – Siemens Mobility Services will advise you and work with you to develop a specific modernization concept based on our Expert Features and Expert Refurbishment. Whether you want to make changes to single trains and systems or to the entire fleet and infrastructure. In addition to engineering and conversions, we would also be happy to handle the complete project management including logistics, inspection, and documentation. To ensure safety and efficiency on your platforms, you can additionally retrofit with Expert SITRAIL D – the system for video-based train dispatch and platform monitoring from the driver’s cab.

New from old – a second spring for rail systems thanks to Expert Refurbishment


Upgrade Services in practice

Upgrade Services from Siemens Mobility Services extend the service life of rail systems in cities around the world – as shown in these case examples.


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