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More safety and efficiency thanks to video-based train dispatch

Whether during normal traffic times or at rush hour – in railway stations, it is vital to ensure maximum safety for passengers, personnel, and railway systems when trains enter and exit. The retrofittable Expert SITRAIL D solution from Siemens Mobility Services is a video-based system that helps with train dispatch. Via a monitor in the driver’s cab, train operators can maintain an overview of the actual platform – and can already view the next platform on screen even while driving through a tunnel.

Technical support for train operators – to ensure that everything goes smoothly

Crowds on the platform, a slow-moving stream of passengers, blocked doors, onrushing stragglers – during the entry and exit of trains and the loading and unloading of passengers, train operators rely on technical support to maintain control and ensure maximum safety. Many mass transit operators worldwide rely on the retrofittable system Expert SITRAIL D: This video-based solution from Siemens Mobility Services enables train operators to independently monitor platforms via a monitor in the driver’s cab. The system uses multiple video cameras to seamlessly record the activity on the platform from different angles – and digital radio to transmit the video signals directly to the monitor in the driver’s cab.

Thanks to the continuous stream of video information during the entire train dispatch phase, Expert SITRAIL D enhances the train operator’s situational awareness. In addition, even while in a tunnel train operators are able to identify any hazards at the next platform edge and initiate corresponding measures. This provides for greater safety especially during periods of high passenger volumes.

Expert SITRAIL D – your benefits

  • No impaired visibility due to light and weather conditions
  • Simple installation
  • Maintenance-free operation
  • Suitable for both small and large stations
  • Can also be used while train is in a tunnel

When every image and every second counts

Stationary video cameras and one transmitter antenna per platform

For the installation of the video-based train dispatch and platform monitoring system, each of your platforms is equipped with stationary video cameras and a transmitting antenna. Each transmitter can transmit up to four video streams. If required, the cab monitor can display the views from two or four cameras at the same time in split-screen mode, thus giving the driver an even better overview.

RFID tags at the entry and departure points of the stop ensure unique identification of the correct transmitter. As soon as the vehicle passes the tag, an underfloor RFID reader identifies the transmitter and sets the receiver to the corresponding radio channel. The correct images are automatically displayed on the in-cab monitor – without distracting the driver from the job in hand.

Looking ahead to the next platform

With Expert SITRAIL D, the monitor in the driver’s cab provides a clear view of the situation at the next platform even while traveling through a tunnel. This enables train operators to identify dangerous situations in advance and react appropriately. The solution requires interference-free video transmission in real time. With Expert SITRAIL D, data is transmitted via digital radio outside of the susceptible frequency bands that the network capacity has to share with consumer applications. This allows Expert SITRAIL D to always function with a high level of availability – and eliminates a significant risk factor.

Individually adaptable thanks to a modular system design

Expert SITRAIL D is a modular system consisting of standard components and can be easily adapted to a wide range of customer requirements. It can also be used as an extension to existing solutions. We begin by analyzing the infrastructure of stations and trains and then develop a tailor-made concept for optimized train dispatch. Upon request, we will realize the proposed concept in all phases from installation through to commissioning. Your benefit: You receive a solution that has been perfectly aligned to your requirements – from a single source.


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