100% system availability with innovative rail services

Digital asset management for rail systems, operations intelligence and maintenance intelligence create the framework for 100% rail system availability, enabling boosts in efficiency, cost savings, sustainability and customer satisfaction.

100% system availability – one of our highlights at InnoTrans

InnoTrans 2022

Whether you’re an asset owner, operator or maintenance specialist, digital services and solutions provide a real path to 100% availability and add substantial value to your business model. Customers around the world are already achieving this with our services and solutions, which naturally also offer state-of-the-art cybersecurity services over the complete lifecycle.


If you’re an asset owner, digital asset management for rail systems gives you all the tools you need to balance performance, costs and risks, so you can maximize the value of your rail assets. If you’re an operator, operations intelligence gives you tools to keep everything running optimally and optimize your operations. And if you’re a maintainer, you can leverage maintenance intelligence to transition your business to condition-based, predictive maintenance. All ways that digitalization is helping to significantly save you costs, while also ensuring your rail system stays up and running.


See how customers from Singapore to Great Britain have already begun the transition.

Digital asset management for rail systems and “REAMS” 

For rail systems, digital asset management comprises the holistic optimization of rail operations, maintenance and renewal planning. Typically operated in the cloud as part of our Railigent application suite, digital asset management for rail systems can be implemented cost-effectively, while considerably helping to reduce the risk of critical asset failure. It also minimizes maintenance costs and helps pave the way to 100% system availability.


For our customer Singapore Land Transport Authority (LTA), we developed a customized, on-premise version of our digital asset management called the Rail Enterprise Asset Management System (REAMS). The solution enables engineers to monitor the performance, costs and risks of their rail assets over their whole lifecycle.

As a result, REAMS facilitates predictive maintenance for 92 trains and 34 stations. That means issues can be identified before a failure occurs, and repairs can be carried out during regularly scheduled asset downtime – so availability remains at 100%.


Based on the maintenance histories and extensive sensor data of all assets, REAMS knows how things are going within the system and predicts future health to help a high level of reliability.


Reference projekt: REAMS

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Operations intelligence

Operations intelligence with Railigent is all about supporting dispatchers, control room technicians, the train crew and, of course, operations management. The main function is proactive asset health monitoring, a major contributor to 100% system availability. The Thameslink network in England is already reaping the benefits.

Now we can see the whole picture of what’s going on and solve issues before they become a problem. This not only benefits train maintenance. By processing data generated by the train, station dwell time issues can be highlighted in real-time, along with the profile and adhesion status of the railhead.
Patrick Verwer, CEO Govia Thameslink Railway

How does it work? Our solution essentially helps operators identify incidents before they impact operation. Evaluating potential impact is intuitive thanks to the intelligent display of all current assets in service. Building upon this, the solution recommends actions that can be taken to further reduce downtime. It also provides seamless interlinking with maintenance intelligence, simplifying the transfer of maintenance orders.


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Maintenance intelligence

Maintenance intelligence takes rail health to the next level and beyond – for instance, at one of Germany’s most modern train depots, for the Rhein-Ruhr-Express RRX in Dortmund. Maintenance has become so much more than fixing and preventing failures there, thanks to smart solutions that have “the ability to predict and eliminate errors before they occur,” according to Georg Seifert, Head of Regional Rail Transport Department at Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr.

Often referred to as predictive maintenance or condition-based maintenance, our maintenance intelligence solutions enable you to keep parts and equipment in service for longer periods, while spending less time on maintenance work and less money on replacement parts.


You’ll also be catching failures that would have occurred before regularly scheduled maintenance, i.e. when an unexpected early failure is flagged by the system before it happens. This helps prevent unplanned depot stops and keeps passengers happy.


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360° intelligence for rail

All available through our Railigent application suite, these three digitalization solutions – digital asset management for rail systems, operations intelligence and maintenance intelligence – put asset owners, rail operators and maintainers on the right track for optimal operations,  sustainability and performance – as well as for satisfied passengers.


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