All for one and one for all!

Sounds good, but what’s in it for you as the customer? Naturally it’s always a question of trust, of how much responsibility you want to transfer to a supplier. But it’s also a matter of extensively simplifying the sometimes highly complex supply chain management, especially when it comes to versatile railway subcomponents or drive systems with a wide range of individual components and interfaces.

A complete provider – with many benefits

This is exactly what we offer you for your rail vehicles as a complete provider – from pantographs to bogies, and from development, engineering and system tests to system acceptance, commissioning, and service.

Give us total responsibility for your complete system. We’ll work with optimized interfaces to reduce your operating complexity and your expenditures in all processes, including communication, logistics, etc. With only one system supplier, you enjoy faster commissioning and approval while also benefitting from our guaranteed services. We support you throughout the entire product lifecycle.

The vehicle manufacturer’s perspective – what does that actually mean?

We as a vehicle manufacturing company, know what’s truly important. Above all, we know that rail vehicle components can’t be considered separately from the vehicle itself, at least not if the components are to be technologically superior and support all the requirements of the overall vehicle.

With the MoComp portfolio, you get the entire powertrain, from the main switch to the wheel – tested, tried, and optimized in our own System Test Center. And, of course, development, engineering, and production from a single source also means optimized interfaces, which reduces complexity in your processes.


Everything, everywhere, all the time

Another important aspect is our presence, which is linked to our performance as a supplier for customers around the world. As part of the Siemens Mobility portfolio, MoComp products and systems are backed by an extensive manufacturing and service organization. In other words, we’re on site wherever and whenever our customers need us. It’s no accident that Siemens has been an active provider in the railway business for over 140 years, making Siemens an optimal partner with a long-term perspective on the future, including when it comes to service for the lifetime of a product.