MoComp: Being a pioneer!

MoComp isn’t just another new name on the rail component market. MoComp is also a pioneer of new technologies – not only products and their manufacture, but also development and optimization. MoComp rail components are developed, built, and tested using the state-of-the-art methods. We think that a pioneering spirit means more than just advancing proven technologies. It also means revolutionizing these technologies so that they optimally meet customer requirements.

Always striving to improve the overall vehicle

The MoComp portfolio is the result of more than 140 years of experience developing and building rail components that were originally intended only for Siemens rail vehicles. MoComp’s guiding principle is always the optimization of the overall vehicle, together with a focus on optimized lifecycle costs and, of course, optimal quality. 


In concrete terms, we rise to meet the complex challenge of understanding and implementing the high demands customers place on the overall vehicle. What customers want is a complete and innovative propulsion system from a single source that includes the technological optimization of each individual system component – for example, in terms of energy requirements, system integration, power density, and service intervals. 

Faster, higher, further …

… and knowing beforehand that it works. MoComp is state of the art because we’re not only building on our own experience, but we also have the right capabilities for simulation and testing. Using a digital twin, we simulate the most important characteristics of our components and complete systems, as well as the way in which they will behave or change in subsequent operation. Long before the start of production, we lay the groundwork for perfect energy efficiency, vehicle performance, minimized weight and installation space, and optimized service, resulting in lower lifecycle costs. The best way to measure our success is to compare the test results from installed components with the simulation on the corresponding digital twin.

Dynamic loads

It isn’t just a matter of simulating and testing static components. Our products are not only responsible for motion, but they’re also in motion. That’s why, for example, we also simulate how our traction motors behave when subjected to dynamic loads in the bogie or mounted state (e.g. displacement), how the enclosure reacts, as well as the bearings, shafts, windings, etc. The results are an integral part of the development process and ensure important aspects like reliability and optimal power right from a very early stage. The outcome is perfection from the start, and not just when tested or in operation on the track.

Freezing and sweltering for your success

Our MoComp components propel rail vehicles around the world. At MoComp’s own test center in Nuremberg, Germany, the required traction components undergo development, type, system, and acceptance testing (if desired, this can also be performed by the customer directly) in order to guarantee that everything works together smoothly. If necessary, the tests can even be conducted under extreme, real-life operating conditions. In our climate chamber, we create test environments with extreme heat of up to +85 degrees Celsius, a humid tropical climate, or a Siberian cold as low as -55 degrees Celsius. Naturally, the test results and downstream operational measurements on the vehicle are incorporated into the comparison with simulation results, so that all the results are considered in future developments.

Tried and tested

Starting with the design phase, all MoComp rail components, systems, and subsystems are constantly subjected to a rigorous cycle of inspections and tests. Cutting-edge measurement methods, the use of 3D data for simulating components and entire systems, and long-term testing in high-end laboratories ensure that unwanted or even safety-critical conditions are already identified ahead of time and can be prevented – and that MoComp rail components optimally meet all customer requirements.