Upgrade your rolling stock with digital train solutions

Whether customized or fully integrated, our digital train solutions help you get more value out of your rail assets. Learn about our offers for simplified fleet management, improved passenger experience, reduced lifecycle costs, as well as better security and sustainability.

Digital train solutions – one of our highlights at InnoTrans

InnoTrans 2022

The future is digital. Is your rolling stock up to date, or ready for a thorough overhaul? Our digital train solutions can be delivered in one of our integrated train platforms, or when you upgrade your existing rail assets with Train IT.


Two recent examples are our Passenger Information Plus and Remote Configuration solutions, both customized solutions. Automated and driverless train operation also deserves special mention, as it pulls together many advantages of digital train solutions to enhance safety, reduce costs, increase throughput and save energy.


Of course, our platform-based trains, such as Mireo, Velaro Novo, and Desiro HC, come with built-in connectivity, allowing these and other solutions to be easily switched on and configured as needed. Whether customized or built-in, all our digital train solutions run on our open and future-ready Train IT integration platform.

Wiener Linien, Vienna: Passenger Information Plus

For mass transit operator Wiener Linien in Vienna, Austria, we developed a new Passenger Information Plus (PI+) system that keeps passengers better informed. Before they arrive at the next station, they can look above the exit door to see when their next connection arrives, and how to find it thanks to easy-to-interpret, dynamically updated wayfinding graphics.


Furthermore, details on whether to turn left, right or go straight (for an elevator or a connection, for instance) is automatically adapted according to the position of an individual door within the station.

The new X-cars with Passenger Information Plus provide a state-of-the-art new mode of public transport for Vienna. Innovative digitalization technology enables a completely new way of providing passenger information in real-time and increases the attractivity of the metro.
Alexandra Reinagl, CEO Wiener Linien

The solution is made possible by integrating data from multiple sources, including the train itself, the control center, and schedules and offline information such as station architecture.


Learn more about Passenger Information Plus

Remote Configuration

Remote Configuration allows operators to access the systems of individual trains or the entire fleet and adjust parameters, so trains can be woken up remotely just minutes before staff arrives and can be software securely updated while rolling, for instance. The HVAC system settings of the entire fleet can also be adjusted to the current weather conditions for optimal comfort. Or you may change at any time whether the trains should automatically open all their doors, or just individual doors upon passenger request.

Digital train solutions: the path ahead

The backbone of our digital train solutions is Train IT. This operator system enables us to constantly improve functionalities, with new APIs to make it easier to integrate with legacy and third-party systems, for example. In any case, running the latest version of Train IT on your rolling stock means you can always profit from new developments as well as our steadfast commitment to the maximum cybersecurity of our systems.

Our digital train solutions running on Train IT help rail operators reduce lifecycle costs, avoid accidents, increase occupancy, and ensure trains spend less time in the depot and more time on the rails.


Learn more about Train IT and our digital train solutions.


Driving the future: assisted and driverless train operation

Particularly when it comes to mass transit and regional trains, there is a lot of untapped potential in assisted and driverless train operation. With the goals of increasing network utilization and helping drivers with their challenging job, our solution integrates numerous proven technologies to advance the safety, flexibility, capacity and energy efficiency of trains. These technologies include sensors, digital maps, and algorithms that work together to enable functions such as collision warning assistance or energy-optimized driving.


Digital train solutions is one of our highlight topics at InnoTrans 2022. Come see us there to learn more about our these and other solutions in person.