Hydrogen, the environmentally friendly alternative

Reliability, sustainable mobility, and optimal cost-efficiency: Siemens Energy and Siemens Mobility are working together to develop holistic solutions for a sustainable hydrogen infrastructure that will be used to power Siemens Mobility’s hydrogen trains, first in pilot projects and later in specific customer projects. It will represent a consistent, end-to-end, and sustainable solution that includes everything from power generation and hydrogen production to the fuel cell drive for its rail vehicles.

Decarbonizing mass transit and regional transport

The most important objective of the Siemens Mobility and Siemens Energy joint project is to enable clean and emissions-free mass transit and regional transport. Siemens Energy is relying on the benefits of sector coupling – meaning the energetic linking of previously separated sectors like power, industry and mobility – and a further expansion of the hydrogen economy. In addition to hydrogen-driven trains, Siemens Mobility contributes a high level of expertise in working with the fuel of the future. One of the goals of both Siemens companies is to develop an electrolysis and fueling solution for the fast refueling of hydrogen trains.

Siemens Energy and Siemens Mobility join forces to enable a sustainable hydrogen-based regional and commuter rail service

Strengthening the hydrogen economy

For public mass transit and regional transport it will be impossible to achieve the ambitious EU climate goals without a sustainable CO2-free hydrogen economy. That’s why Siemens is working on economically appropriate solutions and developing new fuel cells that average twice the power density and four times the service life of conventional systems. The company is also creating fueling systems that can refuel vehicles with hydrogen in the same amount of time that it now takes to refuel diesel vehicles with comparable ranges.

Together with Siemens Mobility, we intend to promote sector coupling. One way we’re doing this is by developing an electrolysis and refueling solution for the fast refueling of hydrogen trains.
Armin Schnettler, CEO New Energy Business at Siemens Energy

Complete hydrogen supply

Another concept being developed as part of the project is a complete solution for supplying environmentally friendly hydrogen throughout the service life of a vehicle. The advantage for vehicle operators is that they don’t have to worry about procuring fuel because it’s all provided by Siemens Energy and Siemens Mobility. But many other business models are also conceivable, such as in-house production with turnkey hydrolysis systems for customers that generate their own power.

Our collaboration with Siemens Energy paves the way for sustainable and climate-friendly mobility. It enables us to support our customers over the long term in replacing their diesel-driven rail vehicles with emissions-free hydrogen vehicles on sections without overhead lines.
Michael Peter, CEO of Siemens Mobility