Mireo Plus H – for a cleaner, emissions-free operation

Quiet and clean, Mireo Plus H combines reliable, sustainable traction with superior passenger comfort and optimal cost-efficiency in life cycle costs. But what makes it exceptionally suitable is the fact that right from the start, it was developed specifically for operation with a fuel cell, giving it a leading edge in many areas.

Decarbonize all your regional transport – even without an overhead line

Mireo Plus H includes everything you need to operate independently of an overhead contact line, including an optimally dimensioned and safe hydrogen tank, an efficient fuel cell for generating clean electricity, and powerful drives for extremely high acceleration values. Mireo Plus H can be operated just like any conventional train but without local emissions. Even refueling with hydrogen takes no longer than it does with a comparable diesel multiple unit. If you fuel with green hydrogen generated from renewable sources, you can even achieve zero CO2 emissions.

Mireo Plus H has an extremely fast acceleration rate of 1.1 m/s². This will give operators a tremendous advantage when the Germany-wide timetable is introduced, which is expected to significantly increase rail traffic.
Jochen Steinbauer, Director of Development for Hydrogen Multiple Units at Siemens Mobility

Range? Not an issue.

Hydrogen is an excellent energy source with a high-energy density. In other words, a very large amount of energy per volumetric unit can be stored in hydrogen (assuming a corresponding compression) and recovered in the fuel cell as electricity. This means that within Siemens Mobility’s portfolio of hybrid drive systems for commuter and regional trains, Mireo Plus H is the one most suited for long-distance routes. Whereas Mireo Plus B trains are the best choice for distances up to 120 km depending on the configuration, Mireo Plus H trains achieve ranges of up to 600 km as a two-part train, and from 800 to 1,000 km as a three-part train, depending on the line profile and mode of operation.

Sustainable mobility – one of our topics of tomorrow

We help our customers to implement climate-neutral public transportation, both in an urban environment and between cities. Our offering ranges from energy-neutral rail vehicles driven by renewable energy sources to cloud-based signaling systems that substantially increase the capacity of the existing infrastructure. With our support, customers are also able to increase the value of their vehicles and systems over their entire lifecycle and to extend this lifecycle in order to improve the ecological footprint of their operations.