A strong brand: Railway gear units now under the Siemens brand as part of MoComp portfolio

The people of Penig in Central Saxony are proud of their heritage. The first documented reference to the small city on the Zwickauer Mulde River appeared in 1264. Penig hasn’t been producing gearboxes for railway vehicles for quite that long. But it has been ever since VEB Getriebewerk Penig was founded in the early 1950s, when it became a leader in gearbox production and, since 1964, in rail transmission production as well. For rail customers worldwide, this specialization continues to pay off to this day.

Steep rise

The takeover by Flender in 1990 was the start of the city’s steady ascent toward becoming a world leader. When Siemens AG acquired Flender in 2005, investments in production technology, employee training and, most importantly, in the strengthening and specialization of engineering poured into Penig. Siemens continued to use the product brand that had been introduced and began operating its global rail transmissions business out of today’s Siemens Traction Gears Penig GmbH, a 100-percent subsidiary of Siemens Mobility GmbH.


With the sale of Flender to Carlyle, use of the Flender product brand ceased. Rail transmissions now appear under the Siemens brand. However, this in no way alters product quality or performance.


On the contrary, within the Siemens rail component family, the entire drive train is now offered under the name “MoComp.” For over 60 years, the Penig location has stood for expertise and experience in the development, production, and service of all types of rail transmission, whether for high-speed trains, regional trains, metros, trams, or locomotives.

Unique success strategy

The range of products from the Penig plant is now fully integrated into the strategy of the MoComp component portfolio and aimed at the world market.
Globally oriented capacities are sufficient for orders of all sizes. The projects are tailored to the needs of clients, with appropriately coordinated development, flexible and customized production, and services that help keep customers moving forward, in the truest sense of the words. Gearbox development occurs centrally in Penig, whereas gearbox production takes place at manufacturing sites worldwide.

The high quality you already know

Top quality is what results when design and execution are aligned with requirements. When such coordination is pursued according to the highest standards, it shows in the quality of the products. All the gearboxes are manufactured in compliance with all railway standards and certifications (such as IRIS) and the finished gearboxes are subjected to extensive standard testing under load.


The latest highlight in a long list of certificates and awards – and also proof of a consistent quality- and customer-orientation – is ECM (Entity in Charge of Maintenance) certification. On its own initiative, Siemens Traction Gears already obtained this certification in 2021, even before it is established as a required market standard.

Quality is the lifeblood of our dedicated employees, allowing us to provide high-quality, tailored transmission solutions and services to our customers worldwide.
Udo Weber, CEO of Siemens Traction Gears GmbH

Specialized diversity

Today, Siemens Traction Gears supplies gearbox versions for all types of rail vehicle, from trams to high-speed trains and locomotives. And it has been a tremendous success, as more than 140,000 gearboxes from Penig have already been delivered for rail applications around the world. The solutions developed are as individual as the vehicles and customers that use them. The team in Penig provides customers with enthusiastic and dedicated support to help them on their path to the optimal drive solution.