Next-level track monitoring ensures 100% system availability

Continuous information about track condition with the track monitoring smartphone app

Passengers choose trains because they are safe and comfortable. However, safety and comfort depend on the track. A broken rail or bumpy track are failures which influence both. To prevent such failures, railways are checked regularly by special measurement trains. These trains are expensive, slow, and tracks have to be closed during their runs. Additionally, the tracks are only checked once or twice a year, so operators have no possibility to know the current condition of their tracks at all times. To help rail operators to overcome these major disadvantages, a solution is needed that is easily deployable, cost-effective and enables continuous track measurements.

The benefit of smart data when measuring the quality of the route enables predictive maintenance and leads to cost reductions.
Dirk Boedeker, Head of Digitalization and Innovation for Siemens Mobility Switzerland


Track monitoring smartphone app makes every train a measurement train

Smartphones are equipped with lots of sensors, which are utilized by the track monitoring smartphone app, an app which can be easily used in every in-revenue train without any special equipment. The smartphone is placed in the driver's cab and records data continuously during normal operation. As a result, tracks do not need to be closed.

After collecting the track data, the data is sent to Siemens Railigent®. Here the data is analyzed by Railigent to detect anomalies in the infrastructure or to determine the ride comfort. The operator receives the results rapidly to prepare maintenance activities and to increase passenger satisfaction. 



Your benefit:

  • Cost-efficient and easy to use
  • No closing of tracks
  • Continuous data recording