A metro to support the growth of Rennes

The city of Rennes has chosen Cityval to support its growth. Siemens Mobility provides the Cityval automatic metro, a turnkey transport solution with unparalleled security, efficiency and modularity.

A city in full development

In today’s society, infrastructure and passenger transportation are an ever growing challenge as the population is continuously growing. To master this challenge, the city of Rennes has commissioned Siemens to build an automated metro line that meets the stringent requirements of public transportation.

Rennes is the capital city of France's north-western region of Brittany. It is voted one of the most pleasant cities to live in France, and boasts a growth rate amongst the country's highest. In order to expand the city's infrastructure alongside its population, the Rennes Métropole is constructing a second metro line, the Line B. The network operator Semtcar plans to be able to transport 21 million passengers a year across this line by 2021.
For the Line B, Rennes Métropole and Semtcar needed a high-performance and modular metro system which would offer the safest, most reliable and comfortable passenger experience for its users. 


Combining flexibility, guaranteed availability and utmost safety

Modern passenger transportation requires not only fast travelling options for the passengers, but also the highest operational security and efficiency. That’s exactly what the Cityval from Siemens offers.

A new generation of metro for the highest levels of performance, safety and enhanced passenger experience

Rennes will become the first city in world to install the new generation Cityval, Siemens' Automated People Mover solution on rubber tires. The latest design offers higher frequency, maximized interior space and increased sustainability over the entire life cycle.

The Line B will come into service in 2021. It will feature 25 trains with reduced headways of 67 seconds between trains at peak times, and an overall availablity of 99.9%.

The Cityval was also selected for its unrivaled availability and real-time scalabitily. What's more, the passengers of Rennes' Cityval will benefit from real-time passenger information, video entertainment and WiFi on board.

The Cityval is equipped with Siemens' best-in-class Communications Based Train Control system, which will guarantee the highest level of safety for the people of Rennes through increased automation and constant monitoring of the network.

Building on 25 years of successful experience with the line A, Rennes' first metro line, Rennes Metropole and Semtcar renewed their trust in Siemens' Cityval.

Customer benefits

Highest availability and passenger comfort

The Cityval Rennes B offers the most secure and comfortable passenger experience. Explore how both passengers and operators profit from this turnkey transportation project.

The Cityval Rennes B Line

  • High availability of 99.9% guaranteed
  • Very low headways of 67 seconds at peak times (with 3 car trains)
  • Highly scalable, modular system: the initial 2-car train configuration can be extended to a 3-car configuration 
  • Enhanced passenger experience: maximized interior space, latest digital passenger information on board
  • Turnkey contract: one single interface for the customer

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