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Downtown Line Singapore

Commissioning one of the world’s longest fully automated suburban metro lines
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A metro line for a growing metropolis

Singapore continues apace with its growth, with over 5.6 million people living in the Asian financial center. But this large population brings infrastructure challenges that will require Singapore to carry on with the expansion of its network with a modern metro line.

The answer to growing traffic challenges

The Downtown Line (DTL) helps manage the volume of traffic and connects people from the outer districts with the inner city. With its existing 34 stations, it offers an alternative, sustainable commuting route and is one of the world’s longest fully automated suburban metro lines. 

A vision come true


Versatile solutions for a versatile metro line

Singapore’s Downtown Line brings automation and versatility that fits the nature of the growing transport hub. Our comprehensive solutions are an essential part of the line. Why? Take a look to discover how our technology helped making the system so efficient and high performing.

Leading Singapore's public transport into the future with digital solutions

For the Downtown Line we supported our customer the Land Transport Authority (LTA) with signaling, a simulation center for signaling, electrification, the Rail Enterprise Asset Management System (REAMS) as well as an integrated depot that is unique in the world. All our solutions work seamlessly together to create a state-of-the-art, reliable transport system.

The benefits at a glance

  • Maximum level of automation (GOA4) thanks to the most advanced CBTC technology 
  • Increased capacity, availability and reliability thanks to digitalization
  • Improved passenger experience thanks to smooth traffic flow
  • Optimized operations thanks to the simulation center 
  • Increased overall availability and improved operational efficiency thanks to REAMS
Portfolio overview

Wide range of solutions for Singapore's public transport system

Discover the solutions we are using to move public transport forward in Singapore, in detail.

The solutions in detail



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