How does Parisa get home safely?

Enabling partners like Mapna to improve the quality of life for the people in Iran, with reliable, efficient and safe transportation.
Intelligent Infrastructure

Improving passenger travel with smart mobility

To address the challenges created by large geographical areas and the need for public transport, Mapna partners with Siemens to provide the people of Iran with a solution at the highest operational standards.

Meeting the need for mobility solutions

As the railway transportation contractor of The Islamic Republic of Iran Railway (RAI), Mapna deploys Siemens Mobility solutions to provide reliable locomotives in the country. In order to address the increasing need for public transportation, Mapna works closely with Siemens and delivers a transport solution that is safe, affordable, efficient, and reliable. Mapna and Siemens have a strong and trusted partnership together which has created skilled jobs in Iran. From state-of-the-art high speed rail that connects major cities, to light rail and metro trains and signaling that are revitalizing communities and bringing people and businesses closer together, Siemens mobility offers solutions that enrich the passenger experience and rail technology for infrastructure, rolling stock, service, electrification and automation.


Advancing towards the future of mobility

Iran has a vast geographical area, a growing population and rising industrialization. It needs an affordable, reliable, environmentally-friendly mobility solution. Mapna Group collaborates with Siemens to manufacture and install 150 modern ER24PC locomotives and improve rail infrastructure.

Thinking mobility further

Concepts that make transport more efficient are in demand with the ever-increasing need for mobility. With our long-standing transport expertise and our IT know-how, we are constantly developing new, intelligent mobility solutions that increase availability of infrastructure, optimize throughput and improve passenger experience. It’s in how we electrify, automate and digitalize infrastructure that we’re setting the benchmark for tomorrow’s mobility – today.