Futuristic Inspiro for the Klang Valley

Futuristic Inspiro for the Klang Valley

58 driverless metro trains for Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Inspiro provides comfortable and environmentally friendly mobility with a future-oriented design in the metropolitan area around Kuala Lumpur.
Environmentally friendly mobility

New metro routes relieve traffic congestion in Malaysia‘s capital

The transportation system in Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia and one of the fastest-growing metropolises in Asia, features an enormous concentration of private cars, which results in a great deal of environmental pollution.

To ensure further growth, make the metropolitan region more attractive and simultaneously reduce traffic congestion and environmental pollution, the responsible agencies in Kuala Lumpur at full speed on comprehensive infrastructure measures. These measures include the Klang Valley Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) project, which involved building new lines and routes in the Lembah Kelang (Klang Valley) metropolitan area that will connect two suburbs (Sungai Buloh in the northwest and Kajang in the southeast) with Kuala Lumpur.

In October 2012, the consortium SSSC (Siemens Malaysia, Siemens AG and SMH Rail) was awarded the contract to supply 58 new driverless four-car metro trains for the Metro Klang Valley MRT project as well as the depot workshop equipment for two rolling stock depots.

Metro trains for Kuala Lumpur

Inspiro for the Metro Klang Valley Kuala Lumpur

The Inspiro trains for the Klang Valley Kuala Lumpur Metro are designed for operation in tunnels and on elevated tracks. In keeping with the city’s objectives, the trains are especially environmentally friendly. Implementing Inspiro concept solutions ensure optimized energy consumption, low maintenance costs and high recyclability of the trains at the end of their service life.  The fully automatic system went into service in December 2016. These trains are used on the newly built 51-kilometer Sungai Buloh–Kajang Line, which connects Kuala Lumpur with the Klang Valley area.

Highlights of the supply for the Malaysian capital

  • Fully automated operation – unattended train operation (GoA 4)
  • Prize-winning design concept – Good Design Award 2014
  • High passenger safety – thanks to a CCTV system with 26 live cameras per train and 16 emergency intercoms with integrated cameras
  • Modern passenger comfort – thanks to an infotainment system with dynamic map displays above each door
  • Guaranteed availability based on efficient service and maintenance –  due to the supply of high-quality depot workshop equipment for two depots 

High-quality depot workshop equipment

The metro system needs to work – every day. So efficient service and maintenance are key. In a turnkey approach, Siemens Mobility was also tasked with the design, manufacture, supply, installation, testing and commissioning of machinery and plant for two rolling stock depots. There, the Inspiro trains are prepared for their next use.
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