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Siemens Mobility will manufacture 94 new metro trains to serve the Piccadilly line. Transforming the travel experience for millions of passengers in London – the new, energy efficient trains will be state-of-the-art with more space, air conditioning, walk through carriages with improved accessibility. 
Unveiling the Piccadilly line Tube train

Introducing the newest edition to the world's oldest metro system

Opened in 1863, the London Underground – also known as the ‘Tube’ – is the oldest and one of the busiest metro systems in the world. Approximately 5 million passengers a day use the 11 metro lines – 700,000 of which use the Piccadilly line. In November 2018, Transport for London (TfL) commissioned Siemens Mobility to supply 94 nine-car Inspiro London trains. The innovative new trains will be in operation on London Underground’s (LU’s) Piccadilly line from 2025. They boast a 10 per cent capacity increase thanks to an innovative articulated design that reduces the number of bogies required per full length train whilst maximising the available interior space – important in the space-constrained Tube environment. This articulation reduces track damage and has the additional benefit of a smoother and quieter ride for passengers. Built with sustainability in mind, these trains will consume 20% less energy than the existing fleet.
“The introduction of new trains on the Piccadilly line will significantly improve the journeys of millions of our customers, providing more frequent and more reliable trains for decades to come. This order will mean the replacement of the 1970s Piccadilly line fleet with the greenest train we’ve ever run on the network. The new trains will start running in 2025, when our customers will benefit from more space, air conditioning, real-time information, increased frequencies and improved reliability.”
Andy Lord, Managing Director of London Underground

Inside the design of the new trains

With a top speed of 100 kph, the new trains will be instrumental in helping London Underground achieve its plans for a 27 trains per hour service on the busy Piccadilly line from 2027. Thanks to their lightweight construction and innovative design, the trains will offer significant weight reduction while increasing energy efficiency and comfort.

Taking the Tube into the future

Built with sustainability and passenger experience in mind

From 2025, the innovative new trains from the Inspiro family will be delivered to the Piccadilly line. Equipped with a range of special design features, the trains will offer a new dimension of passenger comfort and travel experience:


  • Heritage design – aligned with London Underground’s iconic global image
  • Open, walk-through carriages – creating a light and airy look as well as allowing more space to move for passengers, enhancing passenger safety and passenger flow
  • Maximised interior space - 10% increased passenger capacity 
  • Large door openings – to enable easy access on and off the train and to improve passenger flow
  • More comfortable, cooler travel environment - thanks to innovative underfloor air conditioning units
  • Passenger information system – with multiple screens in all carriages to provide dynamic travel information plus advertisement / video displays
  • Built with sustainability in mind - the train will consume 20% less energy than the existing fleet
  • A track friendly design – significantly lighter, track friendly, multi articulated design for a smoother ride and reduced maintenance cost
  • Increased reliability and high availability - thanks to redundant system design of vital components 
  • Optimised whole lifecycle costs - to ensure best long term cost efficiency 
  • Extensive testing in the Siemens Test Centre in Wildenrath, Germany – ensures reliability from the first day of operation
  • Smart remote monitoring and digital services - using Railigent® to improve train performance
  • Future proofing – with trains designed for a long life
Inside the Inspiro London

Have a look round the interior of the train

Prepared for tomorrow's needs

Sustainable reliability for the long-term

Siemens Mobility is covering the supply of initial spares, stationary vehicle equipment measurement system, technical support for the whole lifecycle, as well as digital services based on Railigent®.

Railigent® – the solution for intelligent asset management

Get more value from your railway assets – with Railigent®. Siemens Mobility application suite supports you improving operation and maintenance, reducing maintenance costs, and achieving up to 100% system availability.

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