New metro trains for the cosmopolitan city with heart

85 six-car metro trains for Munich, Germany. Local residents and visitors to Bavaria’s capital are pleased with new metro trains and shorter headways.
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"Metro Munich" datasheet

Optimized mobility

Get to your destination in a more modern, more efficient, and faster way – with the Metro Munich

Carrying more than one million passengers per day, the Munich metro is the most widely used means of public transportation in the Bavarian capital – the cosmopolitan city with heart.

Munich is working to further reduce the amount of energy consumed in the public transportation sector and to keep public mass transit attractive and cost-efficient through modern, energy-saving, and highly available metros. Shorter headway on particular sections thanks to additional trains is intended to further promote ridership on the metro and to speed up the pace of the city in an eco-friendly manner.

In November 2010, Siemens Mobility was awarded with the delivery of 21 new six-car trains including an option of additional 46 trains. Following the order of the first option for 24 trains in September 2016, the second option for 22 trains was ordered in June 2020.

To meet the increasing demand for public transport, Stadtwerke München ordered a further 18 six-car C2 trains in March 2022.

Metro trains for Munich

Modern metros for Bavaria’s capital

The design of the new metro trains for Munich is based on the popular predecessor vehicles. The passengers benefit from a high level of comfort and safety through video cameras, passenger TV, and innovative LED interior lighting. Compared to the predecessor vehicles, the trains’ passenger capacity has also increased. The new trains will be used on the existing routes of the Munich Metro, which covers a total of about 100 track kilometers. They are to replace the 40 year-old trains of the Stadtwerke München. Additional trains will also ensure shorter headway and provide more passenger capacity.

Highlights of the Munich metro trains

  • Award-winning design concept – Red Dot Award 2013
  • High level of passenger safety – thanks to a fire suppression system and CCTV monitoring of the passenger compartment
  • High redundancy in the drive system – all axles are motorized, and the drives are implemented on a per bogie basis
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