Modern G1 for the U1 line

35 four-car metro trains for Nuremberg, Germany. New type G1 trains will modernize the U1 line – the oldest and longest of the three underground lines in Nuremberg.
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Modern trains for Nuremberg’s oldest metro line

The metro line U1 is the oldest and longest of Nuremberg’s three underground lines and also has the highest number of passengers. It runs from the Nuremberg neighborhood of Langwasser via the Exhibition Center and Nuremberg Main Station to the neighboring city of Fürth.

With a total distance of 18.5 kilometers and 27 stations (out of a total of 48 stations in the Nuremberg/Fürth metropolitan area), on weekdays numerous commuters and students in particular use the U1 line. The number of passengers increases dramatically when there are major events, such as the Nuremberg Christmas Market and trade fairs. 

For increased passenger comfort and an optimized passenger flow, in November 2015 Nuremberg’s mass transit operator VAG Verkehrs-Aktiengesellschaft Nuremberg awarded an order to Siemens AG to supply 21 four-car G1-type trains. This rolling stock will replace 42 old DT1-type two-car trainsets. The order includes two options for an additional 14 trains, executed in 2018 and 2019.

Metro trains for Nuremberg

Fast and comfortable travel to the Nuremberg Exhibition Center and the Christmas Market with the G1

The new type G1 trains for Metro Nuremberg offer wider passenger doors with innovative LED light signals. Combined with an unobstructed passageway throughout the four-car trains, these features improve the passenger flow. In addition, automatic sliding steps at all the doors ensure optimal barrier-free boarding and exiting. The bright and friendly design of the entire interior area with its generous multifunction areas creates a subjective sense of safety and guarantees a pleasant ride. For the drivers, too, attention was paid to ensuring a high level of workplace comfort: The driver’s cabin is set up to enable the driver to operate the train either standing or sitting. The four-car metro trains started passenger service in August 2020.

Nuremberg metro train highlights

  • Greater passenger comfort – thanks to generous multifunction areas and air conditioning for the passenger area
  • Optimal work ergonomics – ergonomic workplace for drivers while standing or sitting
  • Greater passenger safety and accessibility – thanks to automatic sliding steps on all doors
  • Low energy consumption – thanks to the lightweight aluminum design, storage heating, and LED lighting
  • Improved passenger flow – thanks to wider doors with innovative LED indication strips
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