Traveling on the Inspiro in Poland’s capital

35 six-car metro trains for Warsaw, Poland. The new metro trains of the Inspiro platform provide more comfort on metro Line M1 and on the new Line M2.
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“Metro Warsaw” datasheet

Higher mobility

Growing fleet for increasing ridership in Warsaw

The Warsaw metropolis boasts a good 1.7 million registered residents and the number of metro passengers has tripled in just ten years.

In order to adapt the offered transport capacity to the ever-increasing ridership and to expand service to a wider inner-city area, the existing Line 1 of the Metro Warsaw has been extended, a second line built, and the vehicle fleet modernized and expanded with new trains.

In February 2011, Siemens was awarded the contract to supply 35 new six-car metro trains for Metro Warsaw – some 15 trains for Line M1 and the remaining trains for the new Line M2.

Metro trains for Warsaw

The Inspiro for the Warsaw metropolis

The metro trains for Warsaw – the first complete vehicles from the Inspiro family – were delivered to Warsaw by 2014. Lightweight construction methods and modern propulsion technology ensure a marked decrease in the consumption of energy. Energy savings combined with a recycling rate of approx. 95 percent make the Inspiro particularly environmentally friendly.   The forward-looking attitude of modern-day Warsaw is also reflected in the striking design of the Inspiro for the Polish capital. The open, modern interior – together with the unobstructed passageway throughout the train – contributes extensively to enhancing the passenger's sense of safety and comfort.

Highlights of the Warsaw metro trains

  • Significant energy savings – based on a reduced-weight aluminum lightweight construction with a cork/aluminum floor as well as on modern drive technology and LED lighting
  • High level of passenger safety – thanks to a CCTV system in the passenger compartment and emergency evacuation through the front exit door
  • Environmental friendliness – owing to a recycling rate of up to 95 percent
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