Rail Enterprise Asset Management System for Singapore’s metro Downtown Line

The magical system for Singapore’s Downtown Line

Discover how the digital Rail Enterprise Asset Management System (REAMS) enables the monitoring of rail asset performance, costs, and risks – and helps maintain a great passenger experience on the Downtown Line.
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Where technology meets nature: Singapore

As an island nation with limited space and resources and vulnerability to rising sea levels, Singapore is highly committed to sustainable development and environmental protection. Green solutions and innovative technologies are being applied in all fields throughout the prospering megacity – from waste management and energy generation to transportation.

On the way to becoming the world’s most sustainable megacity 

To mitigate climate change impacts, the government has defined clear goals to make the megacity a greener and more livable place. Among other things, the Singapore Green Plan 2030 defines the city’s goals for green commuting. One of them is to achieve a 75% mass public transportation peak-period modal share. Another is expanding Singapore’s rail network by 130 km. The Land Transport Master Plan 2040 includes plans for a convenient, well-connected, inclusive, and fast land transportation system. Singapore's Downtown Line, one of the world’s longest fully automated suburban metro lines, contributes to these goals. It enhances connectivity from the north-west and eastern parts of Singapore by offering a more direct route to the Central Business District (CBD).


Enabling data-driven metro maintenance and performance optimization

34 metro stations, 42 kilometers of automated track, 92 metro trains: Singapore’s Downtown Line (DTL) generates high volumes of operational and diagnostic data from all kinds of assets every day. To use these data for increasing the maintenance efficiency, maximizing the value of the assets, and ensuring smooth operations, the Land Transport Authority (LTA) contracted for a centralized digital rail asset management solution.

Project scope for DTL asset management

To minimize downtime and improve operational efficiency, a consortium comprising Siemens Mobility and ST Engineering Electronics was awarded by the LTA a project to design and deliver a comprehensive rail enterprise asset management system for selected DTL assets, including:

  • integrating and managing the entire rapid transit network in a centralized digital rail asset management platform,
  • limiting downtime for the maintenance of 92 trains and 34 stations,
  • improving system and asset performance over the lifecycle.
This shift toward data-driven just-in-time predictive maintenance and asset renewal is key to bringing rail reliability to the next level and optimizing overall lifecycle costs.
Land Transport Authority

A digital rail enterprise asset management system that turns data into value

Developed and implemented by the consortium, the digital rail enterprise asset management system (REAMS) integrates asset information and maintenance records for selected DTL rail assets. This allows the health of the various operating assets to be monitored holistically over their lifecycles. The railway engineers are also empowered to operate, maintain, and enhance the REAMS platform thanks to a comprehensive training and knowledge transfer program.

Unlocking the power of data for optimized maintenance and performance

The software platform not only stores and analyzes data from DTL's maintenance management system, it also utilizes data for the core systems that are critical to DTL's efficient operation, including trains, signaling, and platform screen doors. The technical data that’s collected, in conjunction with financial metrics, creates decision-support tools for data-centric asset management.


REAMS’ core is equipped with data analytics capabilities and expertise based on Railigent®, Siemens Mobility's Data Analytics Application Suite for Rail. These features are key to monitoring asset performance and identifying potential issues before they occur. Assets can be repaired or renewed pre-emptively.

Examples of REAMS in practice

Digital asset management for rail systems
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Discover digital asset management for your rail systems

Maximizing the value of rail assets over their entire lifecycle is a concern for many operators. That’s why we took REAMS to the next level: Based on our extensive experience, we created a general digital asset management offering for improved decision-making. 


See for yourself what our data-driven asset performance management and asset investment planning tools can do for you and your rail systems!


Increased overall availability, improved operational efficiency, and optimized lifecycle costs thanks to REAMS

From the operator to the passengers, everyone benefits from REAMS on the DTL. While passengers enjoy a better commuter experience, SBS Transit can optimize their operation and maintenance activities, and LTA can streamline its renewal planning activities – all based on digital rail asset management.

Asset management and performance for a sustainable future

The REAMS digital platform combines rail domain expertise with data analytics to achieve the following objectives for Singapore’s metro line:

  • Higher asset and passenger service availability
  • Improved operational efficiency by limiting maintenance downtime
  • Increased infrastructure reliability and optimized lifecycle costs of key assets
Singapore by night
Did you know?

The scope of Siemens Mobility’s project for Singapore’s DTL goes beyond REAMS 

Discover the wide range of solutions from Siemens Mobility for the Downtown Line – from signaling and a simulation center for signaling to electrification and depot equipment. And learn about the challenges and benefits of this reference project.


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