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A travel experience, boosted by connectivity. The Turkish high-speed rail service YHT takes great pride in a level of hospitality that turns passengers into guests who surf the web, enjoy films and play – right there in their seat.
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A State-Of-The-Art Rail Network

Full speed ahead into the future

By 2023, the Turkish State Railway (TCDD) aims to expand its infrastructure by more than 10,000 kilometers to create a modern rail network that will meet the growing needs of Turkey’s ever more mobile population. A Herculean effort that is off to a running start: The first high-speed lines are already notably gaining weight in the country’s mobility mix.

The secret of YHT’s rail success? Hospitality.

TCDD is planning to expand its high-speed fleet to over 100 vehicles – and with the newly designed Velaro Turkey high-speed train (Yüksek Hizli Tren – YHT), Siemens plays a starring role in these plans. However, when it comes to ensuring the appeal of its new rail services, TCDD does not rely on superior speed alone. In the spirit of perfect and contemporary hospitality, the Turkish rail operator wants its passengers to fully enjoy their time on-board. 

By 2023 we will operate 300 services per day and will carry 120,000 passengers on our high-speed network…our high-speed services will be in easy reach of 53% of the population.
Ismail Murtazaoglu, assistant general director, TCDD
Enhancing the Passenger Experience

Smart trains give you quality time

To offer passengers not only reliable and punctual service but the full range of Internet on Board services – for entertainment, communicating, or working en route – TCDD combines its Velaro TR fleet with digital services by Siemens – AlwaysConnected andTrainIT. 
Intelligent and Connected

Meet the world's most adaptable highspeed platform

The fully integrated, modular TrainIT system on-board the Velaro forms the backbone for innovative internet-based plug-in applications such as passenger assistance, diagnosis with remote status monitoring and analysis as well as maintenance applications. 
Type Velaro TR
Year of construction
2013-2016, 2019-2021
Cars per train
Voltage system 
AC 25 kV / 50 Hz
Maximum speed [km/h]
Number of seats
Up to 519 
Traction power [kW]
Numbers built
Environmental temperature
-25 °C to +40°C
Train Control Systems
Portfolio Overview

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Train concepts by Siemens Mobility build on rich transportation expertise and on a clear understanding of the challenges operators face in improving availability, throughput and in enhancing the passenger experience.