Velaro CN on tracks over a bridge

Space for China's enormous numbers of passengers

Velaro CN – high comfort, large seating capacities. Welcome to Velaro CN! The 8- and 16-car, 200- and 400-m-long trainsets are specially tailored for the large numbers of passengers in China.
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Velaro CN

In operation on the Chinese high-speed network

Velaro CN has 30-cm-wider cars and 2+3 seating arrangements to accommodate the transport capacity of 601 and 1,060 passengers respectively. With a traction power rating of 18,400 kW and at a maximum speed of 350 km/h, the Velaro CN is in operation on the Chinese high-speed network.

En route in comfort

Two different classes with catering services are available on Velaro CN. First class has a lounge with rotatable seats facing the direction of travel at both ends of the train. There’s lots to see here as well: A glass partition between the lounge and driver’s cab offers an unobstructed view of the track ahead. First-class passengers can also enjoy exclusive entertainment via video and audio entertainment system.

Tracking customization

Fancy a cup of tea? A hot water dispenser is available in every car. Or how about a bite to eat in the Bistro? The Bistro offers small snacks and beverages and also accommodates the customer service center. 

Up-to-date information 

Get the latest news: Information is provided in English or Chinese on LED screens both inside and outside. The automatic train control and signaling systems for Velaro CN are geared to meet the Chinese requirements. The operations control system specially developed by Siemens for the Chinese market is based on the European standard ETCS.

Type Velaro CN
Year of construction
Cars per train
Voltage system
AC 25 kV / 50 Hz
Maximum speed [km/h]
Track gauge [mm]
Number of seats
Traction power [kW]
Numbers built
60 + 20 Train components

Velaro fleet

A technological expertise lead of more than 1.4 billion kilometers, including Spain, China, France, Turkey, and Germany: This is the Velaro fleet.

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Top performance for high-speed traffic

Technology, flexibility, comfort and economy: The Velaro family will convince you.

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