Velaro D driving through landscape

A competitive edge for Europe

Velaro D – flexible, comfortable, reliable. The Velaro D is already equipped for cross-border use in the liberalized rail networks of Europe – whether it´s Germany, France, Belgium or Switzerland.
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Velaro D

With high speed through Europe

Attractive reliability and low life cycle costs – for usage in Germany and France. The Velaro D is designed as a four-systemcapable, eight-unit trainset, it achieves a top speed of 320 km/h with a traction power rating of 8,000 kW.

Attractive flexibility

The Velaro D optimally meets a wide range of mobility requirements. It has a capacity for 460 passengers over its 200-m length. During peak hours, there is a standing room capacity of two people per square meter. Supplementary baggage racks and face-to-face table arrangements can be integrated overnight. Naturally, Velaro takes the needs of passengers with reduced mobility fully into account. Not only can wheelchair users reach their locations safely and independently via wide entries and aisles, but they can also make their way to the adjacent dining car.

Reliable frugality

An intelligent brake control unit distributes the braking power between the pneumatic and generator-type brake systems. As a result, the Velaro D can not only accelerate rapidly, but also decelerate just as quickly and safely.

Reduced train resistance

And while wear-free regenerative feedback systems and eddy-current brakes lower life cycle costs, the aerodynamic concept of the new generation reduces energy consumption. It was thus possible to reduce train resistance by around 8 percent despite the large amount of roof-mounted equipment.

Type Velaro D
Year of construction
Cars per train
Voltage system
AC 15 kV / 16.7 Hz / 25 kV / 50 Hz and DC 1.5 / 3 kV
Maximum speed [km/h]
Track gauge [mm]
Number of seats
Traction power [kW]
Numbers built

Velaro fleet

A technological expertise lead of more than 1.4 billion kilometers, including Spain, China, France, Turkey, and Germany: This is the Velaro fleet.

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Top performance for high-speed traffic

Technology, flexibility, comfort and economy: The Velaro family will convince you.

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