Velaro Eurostar e320 on tracks

Expertise for the Eurotunnel

Eurostar e320 – configurable, resitant. A 50-km-long tunnel, of which 38 km are undersea and up to 75 m below sea level: The Eurostar e320 once again pushes our most configurable vehicle platform worldwide into new, challenging realms.
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Eurostar e320

High speed under the sea

Used on the London–Paris–Brussels–Amsterdam route, the Eurostar e320 supplements the existing fleet that runs through the Channel Tunnel. With a traction power of 16,000 kW, the 400-m-long multi-system train reaches a top speed of 320 km/h.

Trendsetting safety

Resistant to both fire and water: The Eurostar e320 is especially tailored to meet the strict standards and design requirements

for tunnel operations. In the event of a fire, the train can still be operated for an additional 30 minutes. Given the tunnel’s ambient conditions of up to 100 % humidity and 25 °C temperature throughout the year, all components are reliably protected against condensation.

Appealing comfort

Traveling on the Eurostar e320 is an extraordinarily luxurious experience. Trains accommodate up to 894 passengers, with 222 seats in first class and 672 seats in second class. In early 2015, Eurostar ordered an additional seven multi-unit train sets of 400 m based on an existing option.

Type Velaro e320  
Year of construction
Cars per train
Voltage system
AC 25 kV / 50 Hz, DC 1.5 kV and 3kV
Maximum speed [km/h]
Track gauge [mm]
Number of seats
Traction power [kW]
Numbers built

Velaro fleet

A technological expertise lead of more than 1.4 billion kilometers, including Spain, China, France, Turkey, and Germany: This is the Velaro fleet.

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